Bumpdate {35 weeks}

January 13, 2015

how far along: 35 weeks, 3 days

64maternitybw fb34maternitybw

{photos by Alexandra Kayy Photography}

size of baby: a coconut {17.2-18.7 inches, 4.2-5.8 pounds}

gender: it’s a little miss for us!

weight gain: up 26.5 pounds {did pretty good these last couple weeks!}

maternity clothes: heck yes! I want to live in workout gear, without working out!

stretch marks: keeping them away with my Mustela cream!

rings: off {starting at 32 weeks}

nursery: looking adorable! I think its my favorite room in the house!

movement: cannot stop this little one…she is definitely a mover!

symptoms: feeling pretty good…just general discomfort that comes with gaining 26 pounds of basketball in my midsection! lots and lots of potty breaks too!

labor signs: we are getting close so I figured I’d add this! just some braxton hicks contractions…

sleep: loving sleep! getting up a lot more for the bathroom, but no problems falling asleep for the most part.  every few nights I’ll have a little restlessness, but not bad!

cravings: unfortunately, mostly junk.

aversions: nothing specific.

what I miss: I don’t think I could miss anything more than how excited I am that her arrival is coming closer!

best moment this week: we had a maternity session with Alexandra Kayy Photography {last one, I swear} this week and I was SO excited to see how the pictures turned out! I LOVE them…look out for a full post tomorrow!

we also had an appointment with our doctor and saw the little one! she is head down and face down, getting ready! we also had a labor and delivery tour and I haven’t decided if it’s made me more nervous or prepared. either way…it means we are so close! {gotta finish packing that hospital bag!}

looking forward to: a slow paced week with no plans for the weekend!

One thought on “Bumpdate {35 weeks}

  1. I love all of these beautiful photos Whitney! 💗 did Maravilla charge you for the photo session?

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