Fall Bucket List

It’s Fall you guys! The decor is coming out, the temperatures have been in the 70s-80s here in Southern California (which is a sad excuse for fall – I know) and I’ve got all the fall spice diffuser blends going! Autumn is in the air! Now that the girls are getting older, I am so excited to start incorporating some more seasonal traditions and to experience their joy! I put together a little Fall Bucket List and I thought I would share some memories from past Fall experiences to kick off the season!


one| Last years fall photos were such a good memory. Aubrey was crazy, but Blake was just old enough to be aware of what was going on and they turned out really cute!

|if you missed it, I wrote a post about choosing outfits for family photos here|

two| Camping. Although we go camping throughout the whole year, we save some spots just for fall and we love it!

three| Visiting the Pumpkin Patch – Field trips, with friends, with family…basically any reason to go to the farm!

four| Annual walk to dinner with friends and trick or treat! Aubrey’s first Halloween we started a tradition with my Mom Squad where we walk to dinner close by our neighborhood and then trick or treat our way back home. Such a fun night!

five| Wear festive jammies. Who doesn’t love a cute set of jammies for the holiday?!


I cannot wait for all of the memories to be made this year! Hope this first week of Fall has treated you well! Cheers to pumpkin spice lattes and boots!



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Summer Bucket List 2014 {progress}

summer is already {more than}  halfway over and it has flown by! we’ve checked off a couple items from my bucket list for this year, but still have a lot to cover in the next few weeks!

Summer Bucket List 2014 square




{one. go camping at least 3 times.} almost there with this one! we have a reservation for this weekend which will be our third camping trip this summer – also the third trip for the new trailer!

{two. make these yummy grilled shortcake kebabs.} not yet…still look SO good though.

{three. make sangria.} nope, but there’s still time!

{four. celebrate forth of July at home for the first time. maybe even make some festive goodies.} yes! well, not our home but at a friends house for a bbq during the day and then met up with our besties for a little night hiking and a beautiful view of the fireworks!

4th of July fruit        4th of July fireworks

{five. take  a trip to laughlin, nv to go boating.} almost. we did have a reservation and a plan to make this happen, this week actually! but unfortunately my husband’s work and some other things came up and we had to cancel! we’ll try again next year!

{six. master the mocktail for those all day pool adventures that alcohol doesn’t make an appearance!} not quite…maybe I’ll try a version of a sangria and knock two out at once!

{seven. go to a farmers market.} still on the list…

{eight. go to the beach.} also on the list!

{nine. do one major house project.} uh oh! running out of time!

{ten. acquire a {no tan line} glow for the wedding I’m in at the end of summer!} eh, not so much! but hopefully I can work on that camping this weekend and at the bachelorette party for said wedding next month!

I guess the progress isn’t looking so good! {2/10?!} the end of summer is going to be full!

hope everyone is having a great summer!

Summer Bucket List 2014

as the first day of summer approaches, I am dreaming of pool days, tan legs and cocktails on the rocks!

the days are longer and the nights are hotter and I thought it would be fun to put together a bucket list of trips we’ve been meaning to take, recipes I’ve been meaning to make and other fun stuff to make summer 2014 awesome!

Summer Bucket List 2014 square

one. go camping at least 3 times.

two. make these yummy grilled shortcake kebabs. perfect for a summer bbq!

three. make sangria. if you’ve seen my board dedicated to drinks on pinterest , you would think I’m an expert. wrong. I’ve never made sangria! this recipe from gimme some oven is for the BEST sangria – I’m thinking its a good place to start! it looks pretty too!


four. celebrate forth of july at home for the first time. maybe even make some festive goodies – including these drinks made by jessica at little baby garvin that are equal parts yummy and beautiful!

forth of july

five. take  a trip to laughlin, nv to go boating. (I’ve been doing this twice a summer since I was a kid – but the past couple years we haven’t made it out)

six. master the mocktail for those all day pool adventures that alcohol doesn’t make an appearance! I found these lovely recipes on a beautiful mess that I can’t wait to try!


seven. go to a farmers market.

eight. go to the beach.

paradise cove

who wouldn’t want to spend the day on the sand in malibu? I love paradise cove for its perfect beach area and cafe and bar close by!

nine. do one major house project.

ten. acquire a {no tan line} glow for the wedding I’m in at the end of summer!


looks like we will be doing a lot of drinking, beaching and hanging outside this summer! hopefully we can fit in some productivity at some point and get to that house project!

what are your plans for summertime? I’ll be documenting my progress on instagram – #summerbucketlist2014