Essential Oils


Young Living Essential Oils has changed the way our household runs! I love using them for my girls as well as my husband and me and I’d love to share with you how and why we use them in our home!

My girls are not sleep lovers (unlike their Mama)! It took about 14 months for my first daughter, Aubrey, to stay asleep from the time we put her down in the evening until a decent hour in the morning. We are currently still working on baby Blake! She looooves to spend time with me in the middle of the night – maybe making up for all of the attention she shares with her sis in the day time? This is where our journey with oils began.

A wonderful friend of mine introduced me to a couple of oils to promote healthy sleep habits and I was hooked. They help our bedtime routine and promote feelings of calm and readiness for a wonderful nights rest! After a few months of research and following along with other oil loving Mamas, I became a Young Living member at the end of December 2016. I was immediately intrigued by all of the amazing oils that were part of the Premium Starter Kit, and began to use them not only in our bedtime routine, but throughout our day to promote wellness for the whole fam, emotional support for this worn out Mama, and relaxation after a crazy day.

Today, I cannot imagine a routine without our oils! I love supporting our immune systems with Thieves, feeling an extra boost with peppermint and lemon, and relaxing in the evenings with Stress Away.  My toddler goes to bed every night asking for her “smellies” and I love that she loves them! I clean just about every surface in our home with Thieves Cleaner and achieve soft, healthy skin with homemade scrubs and serums I use in my beauty routine. We still believe in modern medicine and have products in our home that aren’t completely all natural, but oils have been a wonderful step to transition from some of the toxic products we encounter everyday! I love knowing that we can take baby steps to a healthier lifestyle!

You can follow along my oils Instagram Page where is share how we use oils for our daily health and wellness.

To enroll with our team, order here and be sure to check that the number 10934209 is entered in both the “Enroller” and “Sponsor ID” fields.

I definitely recommend signing up as a Wholesale Member.  This does not mean you have to sell oils or have a monthly obligation (unless you choose to, which has amazing benefits like discounted shipping and free oils), it just means you are getting the starter kit and will get 24% off retail price.

Thank you for being interested in our oily journey and I hope you’ll join me! I know you’ll fall in love just like we did!