Bumpdate {34 weeks}

January 6, 2015 {Happy New Year!}

how far along: 34 weeks, 3 days

{not so good with pictures again, but this video of my dancing belly will have to do this week!}

size of baby: butternut squash {17.2-18.7 inches, 4.2-5.8 pounds}

gender: baby girl!

weight gain: I think my body was recovering from all of the food I ate at Christmas {and relieved that I stopped the binge} and I stayed the same this week! up 26.5 pounds…

maternity clothes: yes! still in LOVE with my maternity leggings from the Gap.

stretch marks: keeping them away with my Mustela cream!

rings: off {starting at 32 weeks}

nursery: looks so adorable! finally feel totally prepared…now if I can just get some good pics for a little reveal!

movement: so much movement! love feeling her tossing and turning in there!

symptoms: still feeling a little lower back pain, but on my left side now. I can also basically take a nap at any or all points in the day and have no problem going to sleep for the entire night as well! guess I’m trying to rack up those hours while I can!

sleep: again…can’t get enough! love me some naps and bedtime!

cravings: salty, sweet, repeat…

aversions: had a weird feeling towards eggs this week…something about the texture threw me off but hoping it was just a fluke.

what I miss: energy! I have a feeling that is going to continue for months to come!

best moment this week: really enjoyed spending so many days at home with the hubby, family & friends {especially with my bestie who was visiting from Boston for the holidays!}

we had a quiet but nice New Year’s Eve and I feel really good after all of the stuff we got done around the house in those 5 days off! even had some girl time spent with my MIL & SIL making a few fun wedding decisions with her! {6 months left until my sister-in-law’s wedding!} I’m thinking all work weeks should be 2 days with a 5 day weekend! anyone else?!

looking forward to: our maternity session {yes, another one…but its the last until she arrives, I promise!} with Alexandra Kayy Photography tomorrow! cannot wait to see how they come out…I’ve planned a couple details that I hope make them perfect!

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