Creating a Functional Office

In August of 2015 we moved out of our house for 8 months to do an extensive renovation. Since moving back in March 2016, we’ve slowly been finishing projects both big and small. One that seems simple but has been the most daunting is our office.

The office serves many purposes. A place my husband can work from home if need be, a crafting area, gift wrap storage, storage for photos and books, and the worst purpose: the catch all. ย Not sure where to put it? The office. Not ready to hang it on the wall? Put it in the office. Want to hide it from the kids? Put it in the office. Although its a small room, it does have a good size walk in closet and an attached bathroom. Plenty of areas to stack stuff, close the door, and pretend it isn’t there. Well almost a year and a half of this has driven me to crazy town! It’s been my mission to get a handle on it all! Purge the things we don’t need and find a proper and functional place for the things we do! I cannot wait to do a more detailed post on the organization, but for now I’m dreaming of the end. Finally getting proper furniture (not the plastic fold up tables we are currently using), and being able to find the craft supplies or gift wrap I’m looking for before I give up and buy more!

I love the industrial design look and we’ve incorporated a few elements throughout our home. ย I really want to go for it in the office! I still want to warm it up with some baskets, greenery, and maybe a rug – but this is the look I’m going for!


office design - the Whitney Michaels blog
I’ve had this clock since before we started the renovation and I cannot wait to hang it! I love the more simple desk for me since I’ll just use it for crafts or gift wrapping (which are all stored in the closet) or when I want to bring my lap top in there! My husband would potentially need to put construction plans as well as his computer on his desk, so an L-shape was ideal! I love the mixture of wood and metal as well as the more natural elements like the basket and fiddle leaf! I thought that light was super fun for either one of our desks or on the shelf and I’ve been dying to find a spot for this masculine, cool looking diffuser! (you can read how we incorporate essential oils into our home here)
Do you like the industrial trend that’s happening right now? I’d love to hear any office storage hacks or organization tips you have!
Happy Hump Day!
p.s. my friend Sharon over at Mama Chit Chat and I are hosting a new LINK UP!! Join us on the first Thursday of every month with some fun color inspiration, we would love to have you!
Tomorrow is our first one…all things red inspiring you in August.

Essential Oils {in our home}


I have been using essential oils in our day to day lives for almost a year now. I started by just learning about oils from a dear friend, using them occasionally and now I use oils all throughout my day! I’d love to share just how I use them for our home in this post!

Being a SAHM with two babies, it shouldn’t be a surprise when I say there is always…I repeat ALWAYS…a mess happening in our house! I’m always cleaning up something sticky – whether I am wiping children, toys, high chairs, or counter tops. For this, Thieves comes to my rescue! With Thieves Household Cleaner I’ve made multiple spray bottles. One for everyday cleaning {high chairs, quick floor spills, general counter top cleaning, etc.} and one for de-greasing {stuck on counter top messes, the inside of my microwave, stove top, etc.}. I reach for these bottles at least 10 times a day and love that I don’t have to worry about leaving behind harsh chemical residue on the girls’ highchairs or their toys! I added lemon essential oil to the heavy duty bottle and cannot get enough of the fresh scent of my clean kitchen!

Another item I couldn’t live without now is a diffuser in the kitchen! The kitchen really is the heart of our home and I feel like I spend at least 60% of my day in there! The first thing I do when I come out in the morning, after coffee of course, is start diffusing essential oils. If anyone in our family seems to be feeling a little run down or on the verge of catching a bug, Thieves + Orange is my go to! If I am up early and expecting some quiet time before the zoo wakes up, Stress Away is the way to go! For the week of Valentine’s Day, Jessica over at grapefruitandgold shared a recipe for “Candy Hearts” and I couldn’t get enough! After dinner while the dishes get done, I am obsessed with diffusing Purification + Lemon. I love that it cleans the kitchen air, not just perfuming over it! If I do this in the day time, particularly if I’ve made a hot lunch with a lingering scent I like adding Grapefruit to the mix too!

Needless to say, I’m a bit oil crazed over here when it comes to keeping up with our messy home! Follow along with my Essentials Instagram to learn more about incorporating oils in your house. If you are interested in being apart of my amazing team, follow the link on the Essential Oils page at the top of the blog, or email me at .

Home Design: Master Bedroom

happy Friday! this week has just flown by {when do they not?} and I’m so excited for a weekend with the hubby home! although I’ve primarily documented my pregnancy and little one on this blog, I wanted to expand a bit into the realm of home renovation and decor over the next few months since we will be starting a complete renovation of our house! with a project this big, the design and decor aspects are both exciting and intimidating! since the project is still in planning mode {we are about 4-6 weeks out}, I’m excited to take you with me through the process of brainstorming, construction and final design! I’m sure a lot of the decor will be a slow process transitioning from our current furniture to new pieces once the house is finished, but a girl can dream! Am I right?!
first up, is our master bedroom. I really want to create a unified feeling throughout the whole house using mostly neutrals but I’ve also been obsessing over blues lately, especially navy so I want to incorporate that! I found this article on Pinterest about how to create a “whole home color palette” so I’ve been exploring that idea and using these inspiration boards that I’m creating as my plan! Stephanie, over on Olive & Tate just went through a huge home project {with a one year old and an amazing sense of humor} and I’ve been so excited for her “after” reveals and cannot wait for our own!
Master Bedroom
although I haven’t purchased any of this new furniture, I’ll link it all below just in case you love it as much as I do! clearly I’m obsessed with Pottery Barn, who isn’t?!
hope everyone enjoys FRIYAY and your weekend is full of sunshine and laughter!