About Me


Hey there! I’m Whitney. Wife to Todd, Mama to Aubrey and Blake, essential oil lover and perpetual planner. Welcome to my blog! I believe in focusing on the essentials in life: time with family, making your dwelling place a home, and cultivating happiness – whatever that may be to you. My happiness comes from caring for my family, decorating and organizing my home, feeling creative – through crafts, blogging, or photography, and connecting with others.

I am a 20-something Southern California girl, married to a wonderful and hard-working man who is my partner through life, and navigating my days as a SAHM of two adorable girls while growing my business with Young Living.

I love the feeling of a clean house, fridge full of planned meals and a bouquet of fresh flowers on the counter {but the chances of these 3 things happening all in the same week are rare}!

I’ve always enjoyed crafting projects, making our house a home, trying new recipes, planning parties and taking photos! Now that I’m a Mama, my time for all of these fun things is limited, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! I’m so excited to bring you guys along on my adventures!


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