Bumpdate {27 weeks}

November 17, 2014

how far along: 27 weeks, 2 days

Bumpdate {27 weeks} front      Bumpdate {27 weeks}

size of baby: a rutabaga? {13.6 – 14.8 inches, 1.5 – 2.5 pounds}

gender: baby girl!

weight gain: up 18 pounds {to 146}

maternity clothes: yes, all the time! still LOVING these maternity leggings from the Gap!

stretch marks: just bought the mega size Mustela! I’ve gone through 2 regular size tubes already…but no marks!

rings: getting a little tighter, but still coming off.

nursery: nothing more than the last update…maybe this weekend we’ll do some more organizing? {hopefully the closet!}

movement: all the time, she is definitely a go-er! dr. said no movement is too much!

symptoms: sciatic and lower back pain still.  calf cramps haven’t been happening as much which is a good thing!

sleep: sleeping really well! 

cravings: sweets, sweets, sweets! {thank goodness I passed my glucose test this morning!} and pretzels…and sushi!

aversions: nothing specific…

what I miss: coffee!

best moment this week: we had a wonderful, relaxing weekend away to the Kern River with the family! we also got to hear little miss’ heartbeat at the doctor’s office this morning! everything is measuring perfect!

27 weeks      27 weeks at the Kern

looking forward to: having the weekend to organize, baby shower plan with my sister and sister-in-law and starting the third trimester!!

Bumpdate {26 weeks}

November 10, 2014

how far along: 26 weeks, 2 days

{ we had 2 photo shoots this weekend and I didn’t even think to have Todd take my picture! I’ll have to update when we get our photos back! ooops…}

size of baby: a head of lettuce {13.6 – 14.8 inches, 1.5-2.5 pounds}

gender: little miss!

weight gain: up 13.8 pounds to 141.8 {nope, not 142 quite yet}

maternity clothes: all the way…I’m living in my “softest leggings” from the Gap! best. pants. ever.

stretch marks: still keeping them away!

rings: on

nursery: so much progress was made this weekend! we’ve organized a lot, my dad and Todd painted and were able to set up our changing table/dresser system! I love how its coming along, although I’m realizing we have much less room than I was originally picturing, so I’m going to have to forgo some of the cute extra stuff I had wanted to be in there… {sneak peek}

painting the nursery {26 weeks}    nursery sneak peek 2 {26 weeks}    nursery sneak peek {26 weeks}    nursery {26 weeks}

movement: like crazy, I’m still obsessed!

symptoms: sciatic pains

sleep: sleeping really well, until the early morning comes around! then she likes to have a dance party! last week I was just giving in and getting up around 5:30, which was nice because I had time to make breakfast for the hubby and I, pack our lunches, AND shower and get ready! that basically has never happened!

cravings: sweets. {candy, cake, hot chocolate, doughnuts, & cinnamon rolls}

aversions: nothing in particular

what I miss: coffee with vanilla creamer!

best moment this week: there was so much…loved doing our mini maternity photo sessions, we got to have a nice date night in Malibu Saturday {with an amazing view} and made SO much progress in the nursery! so very grateful to my husband and dad for all of their hard work!

date night {26 weeks}

{our view at Dukes Malibu}

looking forward to: a fun family weekend!

Bumpdate {25 weeks}

November 4, 2014
how far along: 25 weeks, 3 days
 Bumpdate {25 weeks}     25 weeks

size of baby: a cauliflower {13.6-14.8 inches, 1.5-2.5 pounds

gender: girl!

weight gain: up a bit I think, gotta weigh myself this week!

maternity clothes: definitely! all day. everyday.
stretch marks: still doing good…none!
rings: on {water, water, water!}

nursery: we finally got the bed into the office and the nursery furniture we do have to the middle of the room so we can hopefully paint next weekend! 🙂

movement: oh yes! all the time… she is non stop! last night we had a dance party at 2 am and I was up and about by 5:20 since the party started again at 5 am! at least I was able to be productive before work! thinking that I should continue with the getting up early thing!

symptoms: cramps in my legs, some sciatic pains still and some round ligament pain…but they pass quickly and can be easily handled! also, a few emotional crazy spells {hysterical laughing followed by crying for no reason}.  totally normal, right?!

sleep: sleeping okay, minus bathroom breaks and dance parties!

cravings: sweets!
aversions: pretty much anything healthy, but the scale says I have to change that! 

what I miss: still would love some sushi!

best moment this week: we had a fun time at my SIL’s engagement party this weekend! I also loved spending some QT with the hubby starting to organize the rooms and wandering around babies r us editing our registry and trying out gliders/rockers! 

looking forward to: making more progress on the nursery! my sister and SIL have been working on baby shower plans so I’m also getting excited for that in about a month! 🙂

Bumpdate {24 weeks}

October 30, 2014
how far along: 24 weeks, 5 days
 Bumpdate {24 weeks}     24 weeks

size of baby: a cantaloupe {10.5-11.8 inches, 12.7-20.8 oz)

gender: precious baby girl!

weight gain: up 14 pounds {to 142 as of this morning…yikes!}

maternity clothes: totally!
stretch marks: using my Mustela cream like crazy, but definitely feeling the tightness and itchiness on occasion!
rings: on

nursery: I was able to organize a lot but it still needs paint, the bed to be moved out, furniture to be put together, etc.

movement: all the time! she’s definitely on the move in there…so much fun to watch and feel! 

symptoms: some fatigue, sciatic pain and cramps in my calves like no other in the night!

sleep: sleeping great!

cravings: pretzels! soft, warm, salty pretzels with cheese is like heaven! and sweets {cookies & candy are everywhere for Halloween and I’m taking advantage!}
aversions: nothing really specific…

what I miss: coffee with vanilla creamer, and sushi!

best moment this week: we had such a fun time on Saturday at the Hollywood Bowl seeing Cole Swindell, Lee Brice & Luke Bryan in concert!
Luke Bryan Tickets   hollywood bowl

looking forward to: my sister-in-law’s engagement party on Saturday and MAYBE some nursery progress on Sunday!

Bumpdate {22 + 23 weeks}

October 13, 2014
how far along: 22 weeks, 2 days
Bumpdate {22 weeks}

size of baby: a papaya {10.5-11.8 in, 12.7-20.8 oz}

gender: a little miss!!

weight gain: apparently I had too much fun last weekend! up almost 11 pounds {to 138.8 as of this morning}

maternity clothes: definitely
stretch marks: really trying to slather on the Mustela! I know they say its genetics, but I’m trying everything!
rings: on, but getting a little tight after long, hot days or lots of walking!

nursery: hopefully we will get a little jump start in the next couple of weeks!

movement: all over the place! it’s like a dance party in there! I can feel her from the outside and a couple other people have been able to too!

symptoms: lower back pain has actually been much better last week! I find I’m losing my marbles a bit in the memory and emotional department, but I’m trying to hold it together!

sleep: eh…some nights it’s great, others {like last night} I toss and turn for what seems like hours without being able to fall asleep. in the early hours of the morning the aquatic acrobatics going on in my belly don’t help, but it’s a small price to pay!

cravings: lots of sweets! I need to go on a sugar detox!
aversions: nothing I can think of…

what I miss: sushi…had a bit of a craving over the weekend! I’m going to have to make a fried rice/california roll run soon to curb the craving!

best moment this week: being on vacation and really feeling her move all around! I was pretty much obsessed every evening when I settled down and she started dancing!

looking forward to: being home this weekend to get a jump start on baby shower plans with my sister and sister-in-law and maybe do some nursery organization!

October 24, 2014
how far along: 23 weeks, 6 days {oops, a little delayed}

size of baby: a grapefruit {105-11.8 inches, 12.7-20.8 oz} not quite sure if I get this comparison…that is a VERY large grapefruit!

gender: a baby girl!

weight gain: up 12 pounds to 140 {oops again!}

maternity clothes: oh yes! bought some cute tops at target and still wearing the couple pairs of jeans I got from the Gap or maxi skirts!
stretch marks: still avoiding them.
rings: on, but they do get a little tight after lots of walking or the morning after I eat a salty meal!

nursery: did a little bit of closet organization this week! yay! now I just have to find somewhere for the mountain of crafting supplies that is now in the living room!

movement: she is the dancing queen! I feel her all throughout the day and in the evenings its the most intense when I lay on the couch at the end of the day…LOVE it!

symptoms: I’m going to officially say “hanger” is a real thing {anger due to hunger}. I have a short window between “I’m getting  a little hungry” and “I need to eat now or I’ll bite your head off”… can’t help it! totally the baby talking!

sleep: sleeping well! just a couple bathroom breaks in the night…and as always I could sleep longer in the mornings! 

cravings: sweet, sweet, sweet!
aversions: not really anything, I’ve been pretty good this week.

what I miss: coffee with vanilla creamer! these chilly mornings just call for it! but a chai tea latte once a week  is doing the trick!

best moment this week: making headway on baby shower plans {everything is so cute} and finishing up some crafts for my sister-in-laws engagement party!

looking forward to: seeing Luke Bryan in concert this weekend! maybe I’ll convince the hubby that Sunday is a good day to paint the nursery too?!

Bumpdate {20 weeks}

September 29, 2014
how far along: 20 weeks, 2 days! we’re halfway there!!

size of baby: a banana {6.5 inches, 10.2 ounces}

gender: has been confirmed by Kaiser! can’t wait to share on a post later this week!

weight gain: 136 this morning! up 8 pounds…

maternity clothes: finally purchased a couple pairs of maternity jeans from the Gap and a couple shirts at Target. I’ve only worn one pair of the pants, but they are heavenly! like pulling on sweatpants that just happen to look like jeans! I don’t think I’ll ever give them up!
stretch marks: still in the clear
rings: they’re on! even got a polish and steam clean last week!

nursery: no progress…

movement: same little swimming around feelings, especially when I lay still after being up and about all day!

symptoms: dizziness when I get up fast {doctor said this was from having a healthy low blood pressure, so I’ll take it!}, and some lower back, sciatic pain.  I’m trying to get into the habit of doing my prenatal yoga video to help my body as it changes – can’t quite get into the habit though…

sleep: the same…pretty good just potty and adjustment breaks.

cravings: loving sweets! and not so healthy foods {bring on pizza and burritos!}, but my aversions to chicken and fish aren’t so bad, so I’m doing a little better!
aversions: not too much, nothing specific I can think of!

what I miss: being able to do everyday activities without feeling light headed or woozy! 

best moment this week: spending the afternoon with the hubby on Tuesday for our anatomy scan appointment {seeing our little one wiggling all around is still so amazing!} and running fun errands like getting maternity clothes, window shopping in the baby sections and my ring polished!

looking forward to: the wedding festivities this week and weekend for our best friends! lets hope the alterations on my bridesmaid dress help it zip up!!

Bumpdate {19 weeks}

September 22, 2014
Bumpdate {19 weeks}    19 weeks {the Kern}
how far along: 19 weeks, 2 days {as of last week when this should have posted}

size of baby: a mango {6 inches, 8.5 ounces)

gender: will be confirmed at our appointment tomorrow!

weight gain: up 7 pounds, to 135! that came quick!

maternity clothes: planning to invest this week!
stretch marks: just using Mustela…
rings: on 🙂

nursery: still just a big storage room!

movement: same feelings of a little swishing happening or a tiny flick from the inside.

symptoms: feeling pretty good! I’ve got a lot of energy back, just feeling some dizziness when I stand and occasional cramps (round ligament pain).

sleep: sleeping is okay… still getting up a few times to use the restroom and flip flopping between sides.

cravings: lots and lots of sweets!
aversions: nothing specific

what I miss: coffee…not necessarily the taste or the caffeine, but the experience! who doesn’t love a hot cup of coffee in a cute mug when you’re cozy on the couch?!

best moment this week: our weekend away at the Kern River with my sister, her boyfriend and the doggy!

looking forward to: our doctors appointments tomorrow to confirm little mini’s gender!

Bumpdate {18 weeks}

September 15, 2014
how far along: 18 weeks, 2 days
Bumpdate {18 weeks} Bumpdate {18 weeks) beach

size of baby: a sweet potato {5.6 inches, 6.7 ounces}

gender: only 8 days until our confirmation appointment!

weight gain: still holding at the same 4 pounds as last week…

maternity clothes: still loving maxi dresses and skirts! trying to pull off the jeans with a hair tie trick still, but it is about time to invest in a pair of jeans or two! 🙂
stretch marks: still doing good with my Mustela cream, but getting itchy at the end of the day!
rings: on

nursery: got a little more organized last week, but not emptied!

movement: thinking I’m feeling some flutters still! it happens usually when I’m laying down still…probably the only time I could notice.

symptoms: fatigue, dizziness and getting a compilation of both when I’m in hot weather or exerting energy!

sleep: good, minus 2-3 bathroom breaks…

cravings: nothing specific…
aversions: nothing really specific again, but random things will pop up.  {making scrambled egg whites this weekend…not so good, but I still ate them}

what I miss: coffee in a to-go cup, and cooler weather! bring on the fall!

best moment this week: our weekend away camping at the beach…and our second anniversary is today! looking forward to a cozy night in together. I’m making chicken enchiladas, one of the hubby’s favorites.
Bumpdate {18 weeks} sunset

looking forward to: going camping again this weekend to the Kern River with my sister and her boyfriend! the more relaxing the better!

Bumpdate {17 weeks}

September 8, 2014
how far along: 17 weeks, 2 days

size of baby: an onion, 5.1 inches {according to the Bump}

gender: will be confirmed by our doctor in 2 weeks!!

weight gain: hoping an eventful weekend tipped the scale a bit and I’ll go down again by the end of the week…but 4 pounds as of this morning! {up to 132}

maternity clothes: thinking I’ll have to do some shopping over the next couple weeks.  the same maxi skirts/dresses are getting old! also tried to dress up a bit for a bridal shower this weekend and non-maternity dresses just don’t fit quite right!
stretch marks: nope…using my Mustela still!
rings: on 🙂

nursery: a disaster…still

movement: I’m pretty sure I felt a few flutters over the weekend! so excited to feel movement that I definitely know is the baby!

symptoms: still just some dizziness when I get up too quickly…

sleep: still wanting lots of it! I think I was out by 9pm yesterday! getting up for the bathroom and switching sides a lot during the night…sleeping on my side is tough on my shoulders and arms!

cravings: nothing specific, but if I see something and it looks/sounds/or smells good – I want it. like now. still.
aversions: meals at dinner are sounding better and better.  trying not to snack so much in the afternoon so I have a bigger appetite by the evening!

what I miss: coffee…I’ve let myself indulge about once a week the last couple of weeks on a tea or decaf from Starbucks {see Instagram last week}, but just a plain coffee with vanilla creamer sounds delish! especially with the cloudy weather we have this morning!

best moment this week: thinking I felt the flutters of a little baby swimming around! also spending quality time with friends and family celebrating a bridal shower for my bestie and booking a wedding venue with my sister in law!

looking forward to: a little getaway this weekend and our 2nd anniversary!

Bumpdate {weeks 5-13}

June 16, 2014 {the day we found out}
how far along: good question! pregnancy test with the weeks predictor says 3+ {which translates to 5+ in normal terms?}

size of baby: another good question!

gender: we don’t know yet, just grateful for a healthy baby 🙂

weight gain: 0… going back to 0 weeks preggo, I was 128. I actually lost 2 pounds at the end of may but I’m back to 128 now!

maternity clothes: nope…but I’ve had a maternity clothes pinterest board ready for a while!
stretch marks: negative…hoping to use lots of body butter and keep it that way!
rings: on! pretty loose still…I plan to keep hydrated throughout.

nursery: is the “guestroom” loaded with a bed, my wedding dress, furniture we got to use as a changing table/dresser when the time came and a closet full of craft supplies and luggage!

movement: not feeling much…

symptoms: sleepy…very sleepy! one of the main reasons I felt compelled to take another test! and my skin is being a little testy – but it has been for a little while {stress}

sleep: need more! sleeping well, but getting up at least twice to tinkle.

cravings: nothing special really…
aversions: I’ve started to feel a little queasy if I don’t eat often enough, so I’m snacking…which I feel like I always did anyway!

what I miss: nothing! just so happy…I’ll give up anything! {before today I’d been missing coffee and alcohol since I decided to give it up 2 months ago, but it was so worth it}

best moment this week: getting a positive test {or 3} today!!

looking forward to: my appointment on thursday! its just to meet with the nurse, but then I’ll be able to make an appointment with the doctor to see how far along I am! technically according to my LMP, I am 10 weeks!! but knowing my cycles, I’m not that far…

June 23, 2014
how far along: we will find out at our appointment tomorrow!

size of baby: little!

gender: it’s going to be a while until we know this one!

weight gain: 0…still holding on at 128

maternity clothes: nope, but I have unbuttoned my pants a few times! feeling some major bloat!
stretch marks: avoiding these at all costs!
rings: on

nursery: still full of stuff unrelated to baby!

movement: not feeling any yet…

symptoms: just a little bloated, feeling like I could take a nap at any point in time and a little nausea if I don’t eat regularly…nothing I can’t handle!

sleep: waking up for potty breaks!

cravings: nothing in particular.  LOVED the pickles at the bear pit!
aversions: nothing really

what I miss: not missing a thing!

best moment this week: spent our Sunday shopping for trailers and we decided on one! after thinking the exact one we wanted was sold, we had the best luck and found out it wasn’t! we traded in the old and bought the new today!!

looking forward to: our first appointment to see the doctor tomorrow (also our 7 year dating anniversary)! and a weekend getaway, camping at the Kern River.

June 30, 2014

7 weeks fishing 7 weeks
how far along: 7 weeks, 3 days

size of baby: a blueberry {.51 inches} – info from the Bump

gender: ???

weight gain: same…sticking to 128 for now

maternity clothes: not yet, thank goodness!
stretch marks: nope!
rings: on

nursery: non existent yet…

movement: I can’t wait for this!

symptoms: this weekend we were away camping and I had a rough time! I was hungry, but didn’t feel like eating the food we brought and tired, but couldn’t nap… let’s just say Todd put up with a lot this weekend! we still had such a relaxing time on a little getaway for just the two of us!

sleep: besides the weekend, I’ve been sleeping well! just a couple potty trips.

cravings: nothing really crazy, but I have noticed I’ve been wanting more sweets – and then something salty after!
aversions: just eating too much in one sitting…I always forget until it’s too late!

what I miss: nothing at all!

best moment this week: we had our first ultrasound with our doctor last Tuesday. it was so exciting to see our little guy/gal!! we even got to hear the heartbeat – the doctor said it was very strong considering the heart just develops at 6 weeks and we measured 6 weeks, 4 days.  Todd and I also had a wonderful little getaway together in our new trailer which was very relaxing!

looking forward to: a four day week this week, celebrating the 4th with friends and family and a wedding this weekend for an old friend!

July 7, 2014
how far along: 8 weeks, 3 days

size of baby: raspberry
8 weeks 8 weeks fruit

gender: we don’t know yet, but I read that the sex organs are forming this week!

weight gain: down a little to 127.4 (-.6)

maternity clothes: nope…feeling a little bloated still but it is actually getting better
stretch marks: nothing new
rings: on!

nursery: still a mess

movement: not feeling it quite yet

symptoms: tired, and nauseous if it eat too much or too little. I actually stayed home from work today with major tummy problems!

sleep: not fabulous…waking up to use the bathroom 2-3 times and waking up around 5 without being able to fall asleep again {until like 10 min before my alarm goes off!}

cravings: nothing in particular, just wanting salty, sweet {repeat}
aversions: lots of physical activity at once…tires me out!

what I miss: nothing…I’d give it all up!

best moment this week: we had a wonderful 4th of July celebrating with friends and family and got to see a long time friend of mine get married on Saturday!

looking forward to: our appointment on Thursday {finally!}

July 12, 2014
how far along: 9 weeks… Our due date is now 2.14.15

size of baby: a grape

gender: ???

weight gain: at 127.4, down .6

maternity clothes: nope
stretch marks: no…hoping to avoid this still! Looking into different creams to get!
rings: on!

nursery: nothing has changed

movement: not feeling it yet…but we did see him/her squiggling around at the ultrasound!

symptoms: nausea, dizziness when I stand, definitely sore upstairs

sleep: pretty good, just the occasional potty break

cravings: nothing specific
aversions: too much food at once

what I miss: even though I haven’t been drinking coffee for months, the smell of a fresh cup with vanilla creamer makes me weak at the knees!!

best moment this week: seeing the strong heartbeat of our little one at our ultrasound on Thursday!

looking forward to: a little weekend getaway to camp at Lake Elsinore with my sister and her bf and their new trailer!

July 19, 2014
10 weeks
how far along: 10 weeks

size of baby: a prune, 1.2 inches

gender: don’t know yet… my guess had been boy, but now with my nausea and blemishes on my face, I’m leaning towards girl!

weight gain: didn’t weigh myself this weekend, but I was 127.6 earlier in the week.

maternity clothes: not quite, but maxi dresses are my fave! although I feel like they accentuate my little bloated bump, so I need to be careful!
stretch marks: nope…and I got some Mustela cream delivered this week that I started using!
rings: on!

nursery: not much of one still…

movement: still waiting for it!

symptoms: the same – fatigue, breast tenderness and some nausea. this week I felt some strange pulling cramps around my belly button, but I assume everything is growing and stretching in there!

sleep: always want more!

cravings: nothing specific…
aversions: nothing specific here either.

what I miss: energy!

best moment this week: a friend of mine who has been on a long journey to get pregnant found out their IVF transfer took!! so excited for her and that we get to go through this together, again!

looking forward to: having a weekend at home, hopefully getting caught up on some housework (woo hoo!) and doing some crafting with a few friends for a birthday party, wedding and engagement party coming up! I ordered the new Cricut last week so it should be here any day and I can’t wait to play with it!!

July 28, 2014
how far along: 11 weeks (7/26)

size of baby: a lime, 1.6 inches

gender: still unsure! daddy, grandma m, auntie m & our neighbor all are thinking girl!

weight gain: still under my starting weight (128) at 127. 4

maternity clothes: not yet, but I’ve been shopping around! so tempted…lots of unbuttoning of the jeans and maxi skirts!
stretch marks: nope…I’m using the Mustela cream after every shower!
rings: on

nursery: no progress

movement: not feeling anything, but at a last minute appointment on Tuesday I saw him/her squiggling around on the screen and moving his/her arm in a waving motion…so cute!
10 w, 3 d ultrasound
symptoms: still just tired and some nausea – nothing I can’t handle! oh, and acne – that I could DEFINITELY do without!

sleep: sleeping well – just potty breaks.

cravings: nothing in particular
aversions: eating too much – also at dinner time chicken and vegetables has not been hitting the spot! I’ve been doing more snacking instead of a big meal.

what I miss: still dreaming at the smell of coffee with vanilla creamer, but totally fine without it!

best moment this week: going to see Dr. Stein for a quick appointment.  while we were camping last weekend I was having some weird/uncomfortable pains so that on top of my regular anxiety prompted me to beg to go see the Dr. for a quick ultrasound on Tuesday.  since it was so last minute, Todd couldn’t come so Kim met me there and it eased my mind and has helped me be relaxed the whole rest of the week! I loved seeing that little gummy bear moving around and hearing the baby’s strong heartbeat!
I was also very busy this weekend doing some crafting projects with my new Cricut! so amazing! and we got to visit with Todd’s cousins and their adorable baby girl…and spilled the beans that she is going to have a new cousin!

looking forward to: a short week this week for another little camping getaway to a campground near Santa Barbara with the hubby.

August 4, 2014
12 w    12 front 2
how far along: 12 weeks, 2 days

size of baby: a plum

gender: ??

weight gain: still on the low side {126 a few days ago, 2 pounds down}. today I saw a midwife and she said there was nothing to worry about…

maternity clothes: no, just loving maxi dresses! and doing the hair tie trick with my jeans on occasion 🙂
stretch marks: nope
rings: on! drinking lots of water and feeling great!

nursery: no progress…

movement: I can’t feel anything yet, but we saw lots of squiggling and even turning over during our NT ultrasound today!

symptoms: fatigue, acne, dizziness, breast tenderness, sciatic nerve pain on occasion, and nausea at different points in the day.  nothing I can’t handle!

sleep: sleeping pretty well minus some potty breaks! using the bump nest…its taking some getting used to but it is definitely helping me stay on my side and not my stomach!

cravings: while we were camping this weekend I saw a pancake commercial and wanted them so bad, but as we were in the middle of nowhere, didn’t really have that option! definitely making some this weekend!
aversions: the texture of chicken has been doing me wrong lately…

what I miss: I’ve accepted giving up coffee…not missing anything!

best moment this week: relaxing over the weekend while camping in Santa Barbara AND – even better – our NT ultrasound {results came back perfect}! we got to see our little one from all different angles and close ups! so cute!
thumb 12 ultrasound

looking forward to: seeing lots of friends this week! feeling way more comfortable and starting to tell more people! I have a lunch date, crafting date and coffee date this week and Todd and I have a double date on Saturday night! its going to be a fun week with lots of good news to share!

August 11, 2014
how far along: 13 weeks, 2 days

size of baby: a peach! 2.9 inches, .81 ounces

gender: we don’t know quite yet…2 more weeks!!

weight gain: this morning was the dreaded day I past my starting weight! up .5 lbs to 128.5 {must have been that chocolate chocolate bundt cake last night}

maternity clothes: I’m seriously considering a trip to the Gap! maxi skirts and dresses can only last so long until everyone realizes I’m wearing the same thing over and over!
stretch marks: preventing as much as possible with my mustela cream!
rings: still on…

nursery: got organized a bit this weekend, but it is still full of non-baby related things…

movement: none that I can feel yet, but from what I have read he/she is a little wiggle worm in there!

symptoms: the same slight nausea and fatigue, but its getting better! hoping to start walking in the evenings and prepare for a weekend of lots of walking and adventures in San Diego…we will see how that goes!

sleep: its been okay. I slept without the bump nest for a couple of nights and every time I woke up I was on my belly! I’m so afraid to squish our little bebe that I brought it back and its helped me stay on my sides {just not the same as my comfy tummy position but such is life with a growing belly}!

cravings: I think I had my first real craving that I had to satisfy this weekend! when getting breakfast at Carillo’s in the morning I glanced over at some cinnamon and sugar tortilla chips. from then on I was on mission: find a churro! it took all day, but we met our newlywed friends at a mexican restaurant in City Walk for dinner and dessert fulfilled my dreams with a churro sundae!
aversions: not too much…the texture of chicken wasn’t agreeing with me last week, but nothing horrible.

what I miss: having a little bit of a coffee withdrawal. not really for the caffeine, but for the warm drink in the morning feeling and the vanilla creamer!!

best moment this week: being home over the weekend! we got to spend time with friends, get the house cleaned and feel a little more organized and do some fun craft projects!

looking forward to: going away for the weekend for Mel’s bachelorette party! I’m actually both excited for a weekend away in sunny SD with good friends, but also nervous about keeping up with all the gals.  I’ve been doing things at a much slower pace lately and I just hope I’ll be able to enjoy the experience even with late nights and I’m sure lots of festivities involving alcohol and such…