Summer Bucket List 2014 {progress}

summer is already {more than}  halfway over and it has flown by! we’ve checked off a couple items from my bucket list for this year, but still have a lot to cover in the next few weeks!

Summer Bucket List 2014 square




{one. go camping at least 3 times.} almost there with this one! we have a reservation for this weekend which will be our third camping trip this summer – also the third trip for the new trailer!

{two. make these yummy grilled shortcake kebabs.} not yet…still look SO good though.

{three. make sangria.} nope, but there’s still time!

{four. celebrate forth of July at home for the first time. maybe even make some festive goodies.} yes! well, not our home but at a friends house for a bbq during the day and then met up with our besties for a little night hiking and a beautiful view of the fireworks!

4th of July fruit        4th of July fireworks

{five. take  a trip to laughlin, nv to go boating.} almost. we did have a reservation and a plan to make this happen, this week actually! but unfortunately my husband’s work and some other things came up and we had to cancel! we’ll try again next year!

{six. master the mocktail for those all day pool adventures that alcohol doesn’t make an appearance!} not quite…maybe I’ll try a version of a sangria and knock two out at once!

{seven. go to a farmers market.} still on the list…

{eight. go to the beach.} also on the list!

{nine. do one major house project.} uh oh! running out of time!

{ten. acquire a {no tan line} glow for the wedding I’m in at the end of summer!} eh, not so much! but hopefully I can work on that camping this weekend and at the bachelorette party for said wedding next month!

I guess the progress isn’t looking so good! {2/10?!} the end of summer is going to be full!

hope everyone is having a great summer!

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