Baby Registry {first timers}

registering for a baby as first time parents can be the most overwhelming and daunting task! to me, it was an opportunity to make a huge list of things that I got to cross off – so naturally I was so excited to start! to be honest, I had our entire registry done, added to, changed, deleted and done again before I even brought it up to my husband {I think he would have thought I was more crazy than he knows already}! ūüėČ
I referenced my trusty regular blog reads {Little Baby Garvin, A. Liz Adventures, The Small Things Blog, & The Wise Baby}, friends and family, Google and the suggestions on the Babies R Us and BabyList registry sites. I came up with a gigantic list of necessities as well as wants that hopefully blend well to give us the perfect mix of what we need and will love for our little miss in just 2 short months! I’ve picked a few of the items I was most excited to register for to go through. Any other suggestions?
{I plan to be back in a few months with a review of how our registry picks turn out for us!}

baby registry: first timers
this one can be classified as a necessity and a want! obviously a bouncer/swing of some sort is something used often by moms, but I’m hoping the small design, multiple motions and many sound options justify splurging on this item! it was given as a gift and was set up at my baby shower…it was definitely a conversation piece for those who had never heard of it before!
two. My Breast Friend nursing pillow
the Boppy is probably the most common nursing pillow around {I mean there is basically an entire aisle of them in Babies R Us}, but we* chose to go with this one.  it was recommended by a family member and a lactation consultant at our hospital.
three. Baby Jogger City Select stroller
when choosing a stroller, I knew I wanted neutral {preferably black}, one that was easy to fold and unfold, the ability for it to grow with our family and one with plenty of space for a quick trip to the store, or bigger baby bag if we were out for a long period of time. ¬†I have heard nothing but great things about the City Select and after I found the black on black version, I was sold! it has the ability to add a second seat for when we have another bebe and lots of coordinating accessories to hold my “stuff” {which I tend to have a lot of}. ¬†it is a little bit on the pricey side at $499, but I feel like it is reasonable for a higher end stroller {I found some in the $700-$800 range!}. ¬†again with the price, the accessories like the parent console, lap tray, cooler bag and cup holder are all sold separately – but its nice that you can pick and choose the items that you would use most!
my husband sees this as just “another thing for the kid to lay in”, but I’ve heard from so many online reviews {especially from the Wise Baby’s “real life mom favorites” posts} that it was awesome for having a place for the baby to hang out while getting other stuff done around the house. ¬†it is so cozy and a perfect little nest for her to relax in!
five. Petunia Picklebottom diaper bag
I’m sure everyone has heard of, seen, or owned one of these bags! I loved the space and organization, the fact that it has the built in changing station and that it is just beautiful to look at! I’m even getting the Petunia Weekender Bag {in the matching print of course} as a larger alternative for when we go on weekend getaways or are out for long days!
six. the Miracle Blanket swaddle
this swaddle was recommended to my aunt {who owns a daycare}¬†by her friend {who is a newborn sleep trainer}. its so soft, no velcro, secures baby’s arms and {supposedly} swaddles them so they cannot escape. I hope our little miss loves these!
after attending a BabyPalooza event with The Baby Guy {Jamie Grayson}, I was stuck on a mattress by Naturepedic! this was definitely a splurge {around $330}, but I justified it by the fact that I wanted a more simple crib that was less expensive than MANY I had been looking at. ¬†I also shopped around and found it a Kohls! with sales and coupons, it ended up being much less of an investment than the original price. ¬†in reality, the baby isn’t sleeping on the crib, she will be sleeping on the mattress and I wanted her to be on something I could trust to be safe and comfortable! this mattress is organic, hypo-allergenic, has a non-toxic fire prevention system and is even dual sided {firm for an infant, softer for a toddler}.
again, one of those “things for the kid to lay in”, but we are planning to use this by our bed for her to sleep in for those first few weeks. ¬†we have very limited space in our bedroom and this fits perfectly at my bedside. ¬†it’s also awesome for portability – its super light and folds up with the push of two buttons.

obviously there were many more things on our registry, but going through them all would be crazy! after I’ve tested them out and created my own opinions, I’ll be back to discuss my favorites! anything you couldn’t live without?

Bumpdate {30 weeks}

December 9, 2014

how far along: 30 weeks, 3 days

Bumpdate {30 weeks}    30 weeks

size of baby: a cucumber {15.2-16.7 inches, 2.5-3.8 pounds}

gender: all pink around here!

weight gain:¬†23 pounds as of this week…

maternity clothes: of course! although I lucked out and found a super cute non-maternity dress at Express last week that I was able to wear to my baby shower!

stretch marks: keeping them away with my Mustela cream!

rings:¬†on, but still feeling a bit tighter…

nursery:¬†it is amazing that a space can go from empty to completely crammed in one weekend! we are so grateful for our friends and family that showered us with love and gifts this weekend! hoping to get it all organized this week! we even ordered the rocker this weekend too!! ūüôā

movement:¬†I’m not sure if this girl ever sleeps! I notice her all throughout the day doing gymnastics or something in there!

symptoms:¬†still just breathlessness and back pain…the back support I got helps when I’m up and about doing things, but isn’t comfortable to sit with it on at all.

sleep:¬†is still pretty good, but I notice its taking me longer to fall back asleep after I get up for the bathroom…just getting used to spending more time awake at night I guess!

cravings: still loving sweets!

aversions:¬†nothing in particular…

what I miss:¬†I’m pretty content right now! so much excitement and we are getting closer to B-Day! can’t miss too much!!

best moment this week:¬†my sister and sister-in-law did an amazing job throwing me a baby shower this weekend {with the help of our moms}! the decor was beautiful, the food and desserts were delish and we couldn’t be luckier to have such wonderful and generous friends and family!! more on this in another post, but here’s a sneak peek! ūüôā

Baby Shower Dessert Table    baby shower game

looking forward to:¬†getting her nursery organized and big items out and together {like her car seat}! also getting our tree tonight and doing some Christmas decorating! we’re also doing some baby classes this week {we did “breastfeeding for success” last night}. making everything seem more real – only 67 more days to go!!

Bumpdate {29 weeks}

December 3, 2014

how far along: 29 weeks, 4 days

29 weeks    Bumpdate {29 weeks}

size of baby: an acorn squash {15.2-16.7 in, 2.5-3.8 pounds}

we had an appointment yesterday and the ultrasound technician estimated her to weigh about 3 pounds, 3 ounces! in the 56th percentile!

gender: baby girl!

weight gain:¬†up to 148! {yowza, that’s 22 pounds!}

maternity clothes: yes, yes, yes! even invested in a belly support over the weekend!

stretch marks: keeping them away with my Mustela cream!

rings:¬†on, but still feeling a bit tighter…

nursery: is looking great! we have all of the furniture {but the rocker} and the hubby even built in her closet for her over the weekend! getting there!

movement: still moving all over the place! especially in the early morning and after I lay down after work or dinner!

symptoms:¬†occasional back pain, but I’m hoping the belly support will help with that! also, breathlessness like crazy! I feel like I’m a hundred years old after I go up a flight of stairs!

sleep:¬†still great! I’ve been getting some early morning wake up calls with all of the dancing going on, but I don’t mind!

cravings:¬†the cloudy, rainy weather in southern CA is making me want soup and grilled cheese…all day. every day. I’ve had soup for lunch for 3 days and dinner last night!

aversions:¬†nothing in particular…

what I miss:¬†not feeling like I’m 20 pounds overweight after doing anything physical {oh wait…} ūüėČ

best moment this week:¬†we had a wonderful time with both of our families for Thanksgiving! I made this salted caramel apple pie for both houses! so yummy! we got lots of baby shower crafts done on friday,¬†organized little miss’ closet and went wedding dress shopping with my SIL! so much progress and fun over the long weekend! {and since I’m late posting…we also got to see her in an ultrasound yesterday! she has gotten so big…it amazes me everytime!}

Thanksgiving Pie    29 weeks {ultrasound}

looking forward to:¬†our baby shower on Saturday and being 30 weeks! ah…time is flying!

Bumpdate {28 weeks}

November 24, 2014

how far along: 28 weeks, 2 days {hello, third trimester!}

Bumpdate {28 weeks}    Bumpdate - 28 weeks

size of baby: an eggplant {13.6-14.8 inches, 1.5-2.5 pounds}

gender: baby girl!

weight gain:¬†I’m pretty sure I was a little off with my starting weight the past couple weeks! I realized this morning on the scale I’m up 21 pounds to 147! {for the first time I wished my starting weight was 128 like I was thinking, not 126}

maternity clothes:¬†yes! I’ve been loving these¬†maternity jeans I got from the Destination Maternity corner in Macys! the full panel actually goes all the way past my bump and doesn’t cut in like my Gap pair started to do…and they’re super stretchy! good one J.¬†Simp!

stretch marks: keeping them away with my Mustela cream!

rings:¬†on, but feeling a bit tighter these days…

nursery:¬†since this little update at 26 weeks, the crib arrived {the hubby & I set it up that night} and I found a canvas print at Kohl’s that I just love!

movement: still moving all over the place! especially in the early morning and after I lay down after work or dinner!

symptoms:¬†some back pain still, but nothing that I can’t handle with some rest and good posture! at the beginning of last week I was feeling a cold coming on, but I fought it off with vitamins, chamomile tea and sleeping with the humidifier every night! I’ve still got a bit of a cough, but I feel way better!

sleep: sleeping well, besides getting up for the bathroom 3 times a night!

cravings:¬†would love some coffee still! I actually bought a mini Keurig for our trailer which was on major sale at Kohl’s and I was able to use some coupons and Kohl’s Cash! I’m dreaming of cozy mornings camping with coffee and/or hot chocolate!

aversions:¬†nothing in particular…

what I miss:¬†being able to walk, get out of bed or do anything physical without feeling winded! it’s going to be a long 12 weeks…but I wouldn’t trade it!

best moment this week:¬†setting up little miss’ crib and seeing all the progress for the baby shower! my sister, SIL and I worked for like 8 hours on Saturday and got so much done! we also got our maternity pics back and holiday cards ordered!

looking forward to: so much this week! a short work week, Thanksgiving dinners with family {next weeks weight gain is already not looking so good} and going wedding dress shopping with my SIL {and hopefully getting in some r&r at some point}!

First & Second Trimester Favorites

the first 27 weeks of pregnancy have flown by! as quickly¬†as it has come and gone, there are a few things that have gotten me through the uncomfortable, yucky feeling moments of pregnancy¬†{so far}!¬†I know I’m not the only one to experience these things, so I figured I’d share my favorites {even though they are pretty predictable}.

First & Second Trimester Favorites
1 {Contigo water bottle}
I always have a bottle of water with me, and these 24 oz bottles by Contigo are awesome! refillable, dishwasher safe and the perfect size {not too heavy but you don’t have to fill it up every 5 minutes}!
2 {Bumpnest pregnancy pillow}
I will admit, it was a love hate relationship with the bump nest at first! I’m used to sleeping on a very flat pillow, so for me it was a little too much cushion¬†to have under my head! I spent the first couple weeks figuring out where my neck pain was coming from…but once I realized that was the only thing that changed, I flipped it over {so the curve where¬†you would normally put your head is at the bottom of the bed} and it was AMAZING! I still use my regular pillow under my head, but I have the bump next curved around my front and back and it is wonderful! it makes it so much easier for this tummy sleeper to get used to sleeping on my sides!
3 {Mustela stretch mark creme}
I bought this after reading the pregnancy recommendations of Jessica from Little Baby Garvin¬†and so far I really like it! I’ll notice some itching in the afternoons and evenings and a quick shower and a layer of this cream feels so good on my stretching tummy! I know they say its hereditary, but let’s hope this keeps the stretch marks away!
4 {maternity leggings from the Gap}
these are by far the best item of clothing ever! you would think my regular yoga pants or leggings would do just fine – I mean they’re stretchy, right? wrong. ¬†when sitting, my pre-pregnancy yoga pants {mostly Pink by VS}, put pressure on my lower belly and were¬†super uncomfortable! these are the softest, coziest leggings and sit perfectly below the belly! I even wore 2 pairs layered the other night when we were going to an outdoor party and they kept me perfectly warm and didn’t bunch up or anything! definitely something I’m going to keep in my closet after this little girl comes for as long as possible!
5 {mini cans of ginger ale}
you guessed it – morning sickness {or all day sickness, really}! especially in my first trimester, getting up to get ready in the morning was a chore. ¬†I felt lazy, nauseous and just all around yucky – especially if I started the whole shower/get ready routing without having something in my tummy! these little guys were the perfect pairing to go with my delicious crackers {haha}! crisp and straight from the fridge cold, the smaller size can was the perfect pick-me-up when I couldn’t get going!
6 {saltine crackers}
goes along with the not feeling so great fixes.  I had baggies of these crackers everywhere {my night stand, my purse, my car, my desk at work} so they would always be within reach.  it was so much better for me to eat a couple crackers before I got up, on my way to work, or between breakfast and lunch instead of waiting until it was too late and feeling sick.  these were definitely life savers!

well those were just a couple of things that helped me get through – along with lots of rest, a very hardworking and patient husband, takeout food and other helpful friends and family that were always willing to chip in when I didn’t feel 100%! ¬†I am so grateful to have had an easy, healthy pregnancy so far and am looking forward to the excitement of the third trimester {hello nursery plans and baby shower} and bringing this little miss into our world!

Bumpdate {27 weeks}

November 17, 2014

how far along: 27 weeks, 2 days

Bumpdate {27 weeks} front      Bumpdate {27 weeks}

size of baby: a rutabaga? {13.6 Р14.8 inches, 1.5 Р2.5 pounds}

gender: baby girl!

weight gain: up 18 pounds {to 146}

maternity clothes: yes, all the time! still LOVING these maternity leggings from the Gap!

stretch marks:¬†just bought the mega size Mustela! I’ve gone through 2 regular size tubes already…but no marks!

rings: getting a little tighter, but still coming off.

nursery:¬†nothing more than the last update…maybe this weekend we’ll do some more organizing? {hopefully the closet!}

movement: all the time, she is definitely a go-er! dr. said no movement is too much!

symptoms:¬†sciatic and lower back pain still. ¬†calf cramps haven’t been happening as much which is a good thing!

sleep: sleeping really well! 

cravings:¬†sweets, sweets, sweets! {thank goodness I passed my glucose test this morning!} and pretzels…and sushi!

aversions:¬†nothing specific…

what I miss: coffee!

best moment this week:¬†we had a wonderful, relaxing weekend away to the Kern River with the family! we also¬†got to hear little miss’ heartbeat at the doctor’s office this morning! everything is measuring perfect!

27 weeks      27 weeks at the Kern

looking forward to: having the weekend to organize, baby shower plan with my sister and sister-in-law and starting the third trimester!!

Bumpdate {26 weeks}

November 10, 2014

how far along: 26 weeks, 2 days

{ we had 2 photo shoots this weekend and I didn’t even think to have Todd take my picture! I’ll have to update when we get our photos back! ooops…}

size of baby: a head of lettuce {13.6 Р14.8 inches, 1.5-2.5 pounds}

gender: little miss!

weight gain: up 13.8 pounds to 141.8 {nope, not 142 quite yet}

maternity clothes:¬†all the way…I’m living in my “softest leggings” from the Gap! best. pants. ever.

stretch marks: still keeping them away!

rings: on

nursery:¬†so much progress was made this weekend! we’ve organized a lot, my dad and Todd painted and were able to set up our changing table/dresser system! I love how its coming along, although I’m realizing we have much less room than I was originally picturing, so I’m going to have to forgo some of the cute extra stuff I had wanted to be in there… {sneak peek}

painting the nursery {26 weeks}    nursery sneak peek 2 {26 weeks}    nursery sneak peek {26 weeks}    nursery {26 weeks}

movement:¬†like crazy, I’m still obsessed!

symptoms: sciatic pains

sleep: sleeping really well, until the early morning comes around! then she likes to have a dance party! last week I was just giving in and getting up around 5:30, which was nice because I had time to make breakfast for the hubby and I, pack our lunches, AND shower and get ready! that basically has never happened!

cravings: sweets. {candy, cake, hot chocolate, doughnuts, & cinnamon rolls}

aversions: nothing in particular

what I miss: coffee with vanilla creamer!

best moment this week:¬†there was so much…loved doing our mini maternity photo sessions, we got to have a nice date night in Malibu Saturday {with an amazing view} and made SO much progress in the nursery! so very grateful to my husband and dad for all of their hard work!

date night {26 weeks}

{our view at Dukes Malibu}

looking forward to: a fun family weekend!

Five on Friday {maternity photo outfits}

this weekend, Todd and I are taking some maternity photos with Jillian Rose Photography and Nick Charrow Photography. both were advertising holiday mini sessions and I thought 26 weeks was a great time to take some pictures with a cute belly and have them just in time for Christmas cards! of course, the weekend has arrived and I’m scrambling to put together a couple of outfits for us…these are the five that I’ve basically come down to. I’m planning for one dressier {use that term loosely} outfit and one more casual {see: the jeans or leggings}.

Five on Friday {maternity photo outfits}

let’s hope I can make a choice by tomorrow and the hubby has something to match! any suggestions?!
I’ve linked up this Five on Friday¬†with Lauren, September FARM,¬†{The Farmer’s Wife},¬†¬†April and friends!
high 5 for friday        five on friday    ohheyfriday

Bumpdate {25 weeks}

November 4, 2014
how far along: 25 weeks, 3 days
 Bumpdate {25 weeks}     25 weeks

size of baby: a cauliflower {13.6-14.8 inches, 1.5-2.5 pounds

gender: girl!

weight gain: up a bit I think, gotta weigh myself this week!

maternity clothes: definitely! all day. everyday.
stretch marks:¬†still doing good…none!
rings: on {water, water, water!}

nursery:¬†we finally got the bed into the office and the nursery furniture we do have to the middle of the room so we can hopefully paint next weekend! ūüôā

movement:¬†oh yes! all the time… she is non stop! last night we had a dance party at 2 am and I was up and about by 5:20 since the party started again at 5 am! at least I was able to be productive before work! thinking that I should continue with the getting up early thing!

symptoms:¬†cramps in my legs, some sciatic pains still and some round ligament pain…but they pass quickly and can be easily handled! also, a few emotional crazy spells {hysterical laughing followed by crying for no reason}. ¬†totally normal, right?!

sleep: sleeping okay, minus bathroom breaks and dance parties!

cravings: sweets!
aversions: pretty much anything healthy, but the scale says I have to change that! 

what I miss: still would love some sushi!

best moment this week:¬†we had a fun time at my SIL’s engagement party this weekend! I also loved spending some QT with the hubby starting to organize the rooms and wandering around babies r us editing our registry and trying out gliders/rockers!¬†

looking forward to:¬†making more progress on the nursery! my sister and SIL have been working on baby shower plans so I’m also getting excited for that in about a month! ūüôā

Bumpdate {24 weeks}

October 30, 2014
how far along: 24 weeks, 5 days
 Bumpdate {24 weeks}     24 weeks

size of baby: a cantaloupe {10.5-11.8 inches, 12.7-20.8 oz)

gender: precious baby girl!

weight gain:¬†up 14 pounds {to 142 as of this morning…yikes!}

maternity clothes: totally!
stretch marks: using my Mustela cream like crazy, but definitely feeling the tightness and itchiness on occasion!
rings: on

nursery: I was able to organize a lot but it still needs paint, the bed to be moved out, furniture to be put together, etc.

movement:¬†all the time! she’s definitely on the move in there…so much fun to watch and feel!¬†

symptoms: some fatigue, sciatic pain and cramps in my calves like no other in the night!

sleep: sleeping great!

cravings:¬†pretzels! soft, warm, salty pretzels with cheese is like heaven! and sweets {cookies & candy are everywhere for Halloween and I’m taking advantage!}
aversions:¬†nothing really specific…

what I miss: coffee with vanilla creamer, and sushi!

best moment this week: we had such a fun time on Saturday at the Hollywood Bowl seeing Cole Swindell, Lee Brice & Luke Bryan in concert!
Luke Bryan Tickets   hollywood bowl

looking forward to:¬†my sister-in-law’s engagement party on Saturday¬†and MAYBE some nursery progress on Sunday!