Baby Registry {first timers}

registering for a baby as first time parents can be the most overwhelming and daunting task! to me, it was an opportunity to make a huge list of things that I got to cross off – so naturally I was so excited to start! to be honest, I had our entire registry done, added to, changed, deleted and done again before I even brought it up to my husband {I think he would have thought I was more crazy than he knows already}! 😉
I referenced my trusty regular blog reads {Little Baby Garvin, A. Liz Adventures, The Small Things Blog, & The Wise Baby}, friends and family, Google and the suggestions on the Babies R Us and BabyList registry sites. I came up with a gigantic list of necessities as well as wants that hopefully blend well to give us the perfect mix of what we need and will love for our little miss in just 2 short months! I’ve picked a few of the items I was most excited to register for to go through. Any other suggestions?
{I plan to be back in a few months with a review of how our registry picks turn out for us!}

baby registry: first timers
this one can be classified as a necessity and a want! obviously a bouncer/swing of some sort is something used often by moms, but I’m hoping the small design, multiple motions and many sound options justify splurging on this item! it was given as a gift and was set up at my baby shower…it was definitely a conversation piece for those who had never heard of it before!
two. My Breast Friend nursing pillow
the Boppy is probably the most common nursing pillow around {I mean there is basically an entire aisle of them in Babies R Us}, but we* chose to go with this one.  it was recommended by a family member and a lactation consultant at our hospital.
three. Baby Jogger City Select stroller
when choosing a stroller, I knew I wanted neutral {preferably black}, one that was easy to fold and unfold, the ability for it to grow with our family and one with plenty of space for a quick trip to the store, or bigger baby bag if we were out for a long period of time.  I have heard nothing but great things about the City Select and after I found the black on black version, I was sold! it has the ability to add a second seat for when we have another bebe and lots of coordinating accessories to hold my “stuff” {which I tend to have a lot of}.  it is a little bit on the pricey side at $499, but I feel like it is reasonable for a higher end stroller {I found some in the $700-$800 range!}.  again with the price, the accessories like the parent console, lap tray, cooler bag and cup holder are all sold separately – but its nice that you can pick and choose the items that you would use most!
my husband sees this as just “another thing for the kid to lay in”, but I’ve heard from so many online reviews {especially from the Wise Baby’s “real life mom favorites” posts} that it was awesome for having a place for the baby to hang out while getting other stuff done around the house.  it is so cozy and a perfect little nest for her to relax in!
five. Petunia Picklebottom diaper bag
I’m sure everyone has heard of, seen, or owned one of these bags! I loved the space and organization, the fact that it has the built in changing station and that it is just beautiful to look at! I’m even getting the Petunia Weekender Bag {in the matching print of course} as a larger alternative for when we go on weekend getaways or are out for long days!
six. the Miracle Blanket swaddle
this swaddle was recommended to my aunt {who owns a daycare} by her friend {who is a newborn sleep trainer}. its so soft, no velcro, secures baby’s arms and {supposedly} swaddles them so they cannot escape. I hope our little miss loves these!
after attending a BabyPalooza event with The Baby Guy {Jamie Grayson}, I was stuck on a mattress by Naturepedic! this was definitely a splurge {around $330}, but I justified it by the fact that I wanted a more simple crib that was less expensive than MANY I had been looking at.  I also shopped around and found it a Kohls! with sales and coupons, it ended up being much less of an investment than the original price.  in reality, the baby isn’t sleeping on the crib, she will be sleeping on the mattress and I wanted her to be on something I could trust to be safe and comfortable! this mattress is organic, hypo-allergenic, has a non-toxic fire prevention system and is even dual sided {firm for an infant, softer for a toddler}.
again, one of those “things for the kid to lay in”, but we are planning to use this by our bed for her to sleep in for those first few weeks.  we have very limited space in our bedroom and this fits perfectly at my bedside.  it’s also awesome for portability – its super light and folds up with the push of two buttons.

obviously there were many more things on our registry, but going through them all would be crazy! after I’ve tested them out and created my own opinions, I’ll be back to discuss my favorites! anything you couldn’t live without?

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  1. I don’t even think that my husband has seen our registry! I guess he just trusts my judgement…. I did go over the stroller options with him and he agreed with my choice I guess…. once he got over the fact that a $450 stroller is actually a really reasonable price for a decent stroller

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