Best Day Ever | Show and Tell Tuesday

Have you ever dreamed of your perfect day? Probably includes a tropical destination or sleeping in half the day, maybe? I’ve always been a homebody, but now more than ever in this season of life does a slow and quiet day sound the best.

On the Best Day Ever, I would wake up feeling rested…maybe 8 am? Not too late, because we don’t want to waste the precious hours of this day – but not too early, because, well…mama needs some sleep! The coffee would be ready for me to pour and drink HOT with just the right amount of vanilla creamer and my hubby would have already cooked the bacon outside on the BBQ so the whole house didn’t stink! We would all eat pancakes (chocolate chip, obviously), bacon, and eggs.  The girls would keep all of their food either on the plate or in their mouth – not the floor! After breakfast – the girls would play, the kitchen would get perfectly cleaned by someone other than me, and I’d go shower and get ready. Not just rinse off and put on mascara…no no. A full shower – shave, shampoo, the works! I’d do my hair and wear just enough makeup to make me feel good. When I was done, the girls would also be ready with the diaper bag packed – again, by someone other than me. Do you notice a theme?

We would all go out as a family, somewhere that we could walk, shop, play, and have lunch. Probably the Ventura Harbor. The weather would be cool enough to wear sweaters but warm enough for sandals, partly cloudy and definitely no wind! Lunch would have to be at Andria’s Seafood – fish and chips is one of our favorites from there!

After lunch we head home for the girls to nap. I’d get out to get my nails or hair done – I love having a fresh cut and manicure! In the afternoon we would have some friends and family over to BBQ. I love to spend time on our patio and all sitting together at a big table for dinner. Carne asada tacos, fresh guac with chips, and Corona’s or Margarita’s for everyone!

The girls would have baths after dinner, read books with their aunties and go to bed without a fight at 7:30. The adults would listen to music, hang out by the fire pit, and keep the margaritas flowing. By 10:00 I’d be in the softest jammies ever from Old Navy (like these) and in bed with freshly cleaned sheets. Does the “Best Day Ever” continue into the night? If so, I’d sleep. All night. Uninterrupted.

I feel more relaxed just thinking about it all! What would you do for your Best Day Ever? You can link up with Andrea at

Happy Tuesday!


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