Bumpdate {14 -16 weeks}

August 18, 2014
     14 front    14 SD
how far along: 14 weeks, 2 days

size of baby: a lemon

gender: we find out at the end of the week!!! {hopefully, if he/she cooperates!}

weight gain: up .6 to 128.6

maternity clothes: sticking to dresses, loose pants and the hair tie trick with my jeans!
stretch marks: nope
rings: on!

nursery: not much progress! I’ll have much more motivation to clear out the closet once I know to buy boy or girl clothes!!

movement: nothing I can feel, but hopefully soon!

symptoms: fatigue, and some mild nausea still. nothing crazy… really feeling like I have a mini bump now! getting excited for baby to be growing!

sleep: sleeping, but getting up to tinkle.

cravings: pineapple. with tajin!
aversions: plain dinners {i.e. chicken and vegetables}

what I miss: not much.

best moment this week:  I got the notification on my phone that I entered the second trimester on saturday! yay!
also, had a good time at a best friend’s bachelorette party over the weekend! mostly proud of myself for keeping up {most of the time – except for the last night I went in early}…

looking forward to: our gender prediction appointment on friday night and our gender reveal fiesta with family and some close friends on Sunday!! lets hope this mini cooperates! we are a little nervous!

August 25, 2014
how far along: 15 weeks, 2 days

size of baby: a navel orange, 4 inches

gender: we found out at My First Peekaboo on friday! I’ll post the gender reveal after our doctor confirmation!

weight gain: up a pound to 129

maternity clothes: none yet, just lots of maxi skirts and dresses!
stretch marks: still using Mustela
rings: on

nursery: still a mess!

movement: we saw the little mini moving all around at the ultrasound friday, but I cant feel it just yet…

symptoms: fatigue, little bit of nausea – but getting better, emotional roller coasters {crying, to laughing, to content}

sleep: sleeping well…can’t get enough!

cravings: salty & sweet, back and forth, all day!
aversions: not too much…

what I miss: the ease of a sandwich!

best moment this week: finding out the gender of our mini!!

looking forward to: our doctor’s appointment this afternoon – hopefully she will for sure confirm the gender {even though we announced it already! – ooops}

September 1, 2014
 16 beach
how far along: 16 weeks, 4 days

size of baby: an avocado, 4.6 inches

gender: we know! but I’m going to wait till the doctor confirms to do a gender reveal post 🙂

weight gain: up 1.5 pounds…

maternity clothes: lots of maxi skirts and the hair tie trick still!
stretch marks: nope!
rings: still on!

nursery: still a disaster! I had big plans to organize the closet while the hubby was gone over the long weekend, but that didn’t happen!

movement: I could have sworn I felt a little swish in there on Saturday when I was laying on the couch, but it hasn’t happened again…maybe I was imagining it!

symptoms: feeling pretty good! just some dizziness when I stand up too quick and still nausea if I don’t eat enough.

sleep: eh, okay.  sleeping on my side is not my favorite! still feeling some neck pain and lots of re-positioning through the night!

cravings: nothing specific, but cravings are typically set off by seeing or smelling something! then, I. want. it. now.
aversions: putting on my makeup or doing anything close up to the mirror has been making me nauseous! something my mom mentioned happened to her when she would put on her mascara and I’ve been noticing it the past week or two.

what I miss: walking up a flight of stairs without losing my breath…I guess this will only get worse! better get to walking more!

best moment this week: we had a little gender reveal fiesta with some close friends and family.

looking forward to: a best friend’s bridal shower and spending some time with the hubby this weekend since he was gone last weekend!

4 thoughts on “Bumpdate {14 -16 weeks}

  1. How cute are you!!! I feel like I’m totally stalking your life but I LOVE! So cute! I might have to totally copy you a million years from now! 🙂



    1. oh you’re too sweet! stalk away…if my own friends don’t, why would strangers?! 😉
      please copy! I follow a fashion blog, “the teacher diva”…I think you should get on that train!


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