{Mama} Confessions

I’m slowly getting back into this blog, hopefully in a more regular routine! This morning has been awesome! The babe slept for 8.5 hours straight, has been totally happy and taken 2 good naps! It’s still before noon {well it was when I started this…then baby life happened} and I’m thinking back to all of the things I’ve done this morning that {I really hope} I’m not alone in! I thought it would make for a silly/quick post that will reach all those mama’s at home!

one. I confess I desperately needed a shower this morning and instead of doing so during Aubrey’s awesome 1.5 hour nap, I caught up on the bachelorette and ate breakfast. {don’t worry, I did shower…just played ‘rush while baby is playing outside the bathroom door’ after I fed her}

bachelorette ecard

{just replace WINE with COFFEE because a. I can’t stay up late enough to watch it live b. it was like 8am and c. even if I would drink wine that early, I have a child at home}

two. speaking of breakfast, the hubby and I decided to start Whole 30 after his sister’s wedding this weekend. I confess it is my mission to eat all of the sugar, carbs and dairy in this house before Monday! {maybe I’ll attempt a check in series to keep me accountable…clearly I need something!}

three. I’m in my sister in law’s wedding this weekend and never realized how much work it is to be a girl {now that I’m about to type this, I realize I’m a bit excessive}! BB {before baby} I confess I would spend days primping…manicure & pedicure, hair appointment, waxing, eyebrows threaded and worked on a tan for weeks! Ridiculous!  Now, it’s all about the essentials! Pick and chose which areas of grooming are totally necessary and get a spray tan {a months work of relaxing sunshine in a bottle}! the other catch, make all of those “essential” appointments in a 2 hour period when you have a babysitter!

four. I confess, I cleaned the bathroom with wipes this morning! I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a clever ecard about this… yup!

five. my cousin in law {totally a thing…even though I’ll just say cousin from now on} tagged me in this video on FB this week and I confess, I think I need to do this…maybe it will be apart of my sugar binge before Monday! 😉 #eatallthesugar

hope everyone has a great week! have you done any confession worthy things this week?

Aubrey {4 months}

I know everyone says it, but for good reason…time is speeding by! just like that a third of her first year is gone and Aubrey is becoming not only the cutest little thing, but inquisitive, silly and expressive!


{Alexandra Kayy Photography}

{4 months} June 17, 2015

measurements. 14 pounds, 10 ounces {53%ile}. 25 3/4 inches long {85%ile}. 17 inch head circumference {95%ile}!

wearing. at the beginning of this month she started wearing size 2 diapers.  I’ve been contemplating moving up to size 3 since she has so many blowouts, but haven’t committed to changing my Honest Co. order! Aubrey is still wearing 3-6 or 6 month clothes.  anything with footies has to be 6 months…apparently she is tall! she could finally wear her size 1 Freshly Picked Moccasins without them falling off!

sleeping. at night time, I definitely can’t complain about her sleeping routine.  Aubrey typically goes down for the night (in the Halo Bassinest in our room) around 10-10:30 and wakes up for the day between 6:30 & 7:30. sometimes I get lucky and she goes through the night, but most nights we get up once ranging in time from 2-4. daytime is another story.  she loves her 25-30 minute power naps! occasionally she will go 1-1.5 hours, but its definitely rare (unless she is being held!).  I try to put her in her crib most naps, but sometimes she ends up sleeping in her car seat if we are out and about or the rock n’ play. right before she turned 4 months I tried putting her in her crib at night for a couple nights but she was up every 2-3 hours.  I couldn’t hang – so we will try again soon!

talking. Aubrey looooves to talk and tell stories! we have regular conversations – exchanging high pitches squeals, sigs and oooh’s & aaaah’s.  her latest trick is sticking out her tongue! she sticks it out, blows bubbles, makes sucking noises with it out and spits – it is adorable and I cannot get enough {for now}!

moving. she is getting better at tummy time, doesn’t quite protest it like she did the last few months. she will pick up her head every once in a while, but mostly just likes to rub her face into the ground…crazy girl! on her back, she is lifting her legs and rolling to the side a lot! she loves kicking in the bath, at her toys above her on the playmat and when she gets excited while we hold her! she still LOVES to be held up over our shoulder, has always been her favorite!

playing. Aubrey loves her Kick n Play piano! I can usually set it up in my room and she will play long enough for me to take a shower and get ready! she likes her SkipHop play mat, Geoffrey {her giraffe WubbaNub}, O’Ball rattle, our “Sophie equivalent” – Fanny the Fawn, and reading books {especially ones with sound}! more often than not she wants us to be playing with her rather than independently, obvi!

eating. she is still exclusively breastfeeding.  I would definitely say this month has been by far the best for us both! I’ve been pumping occasionally to give her a bottle now and then, but I think its something I need to do more often…she doesn’t love it! but it is definitely a relief that I have that option if necessary!

teeth. no teeth yet…but they’ve got to be coming soon! we call her the drool monster, drool machine, or drooly baby and Daddy came up with the tune, “we built this city on drooooool” {instead of rock n’ roll}, haha. she puts all her toys in her mouth, my shoulder, our arms/fingers…basically anything! she gets crazy sometimes biting down and shakes her head. her Daddy and I call it “the shark attack!”

loves. being held, singing the ABC’s or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and chewing on everything! bathtime is getting more and more fun! she has always enjoyed it (I think), but now she is smiling and splashing all the time!

hates. the car seat! I’m not sure what to do.  unless she has already had some play time and she is ready for a nap, or just in an exceptionally good mood, she cries…sometimes screams! she is just getting tall enough that I can move the shoulder straps up, so maybe I will try that next month! she is also not a fan of not being able to stretch out {hence, the car seat}, the sun in her eyes, being left on her own in the mamaRoo {she wants me to spin the mobile and talk to her}, or being cradle held unless she is about to go to sleep!

fun stuff. this month Aubrey got to celebrate her aunties! my sister in law had her bridal shower at the beginning of May and my sister graduated from CSUN! she did great in our Solly Baby Wrap! just looked around and napped the whole time! we also got to go to her cousin’s first birthday party! it was a bit difficult with the longer drive to HB, but she did very well for the short time we were at the party, considering! I got to experience my first Mother’s Day! we went camping on the beach and had a wonderful time! so lucky to be this beautiful girl’s mama!

and because I can never chose just 1…or 5…here are Aubrey’s photos from her 4 month shoot!

{Alexandra Kayy Photography}

Birth story + Newborn Pictures

February 14th was a special day. Valentine’s and the due date of our baby girl! since I didn’t feel like we would be spending it in the hospital, Todd and I went on one last date! Andria’s in the Ventura Harbor Village is our favorite place, so it seemed fitting!

we spent the rest of the weekend relaxing…just the 2 of us!

on Monday, February 16 {president’s day!} I woke up around 5:30am feeling a bit uncomfortable.  nothing to be alarmed about, just some tightening here and there.  I woke up Todd by accident and we decided he wouldn’t rush to work and we were able to go back to sleep.  when we got up a few hours later, I was still having the same feelings! my contractions were very inconsistent…but enough to decide today was the day! I showered and got ready {who knew when I was going to be able to do that again!} and we tried to relax.  around 10:30 we contemplated going to the hospital, but I was so inconsistent {6 min to like 15 minutes} that I wanted to wait so they didn’t turn me away! finally around 3:00 Todd put his foot down…and thank goodness he did! we left around 3:30, and the 40 minute ride to the hospital was difficult! I was definitely feeling more pain and the red lights did not help!

I was admitted upon arrival {around 4:30} and everything was so different than I imagined after that! everyone was calm and moving slowly. I was put into a triage room, given a gown and hooked up to the monitors for me and the baby. when I was checked at 5:30pm, I was only 3.5-4 cm! such a let down since I was 2.5-3 the week before at my appointment and I already felt like I was dealing with a lot of pain! by 7:30 I got my epidural {I definitely didn’t need to be the hero that day!} and it was AMAZING!! it was like night and day! I could have a conversation, relax and was definitely not as worried! at 8:30 pm I was STILL only 4 cm…

fast forward to 12:15…I was 6 cm and my water broke. and apparently that kick started our little girl! we were moved into the delivery room and by 2:15 am {now February 17th} I was 10 cm! I think started pushing around 2:45 and after about an hour and a half, our beautiful Aubrey was born!

my experience was so wonderful at Kaiser! I think I had crazy thoughts about how horrible it could be, so it ended up seeming very pleasant! since we were up early Monday and had no sleep that night, her first day was difficult! we spent one night in the hospital and were home in the early afternoon on Wednesday! although we were only there for less than 48 hours, being in the hospital was the hardest part. I never really felt comfortable and I just couldn’t wait to sleep in my own bed and take a good shower!

the first week at home is definitely a blur of breastfeeding, restless nights, and naps and pajamas all day. we got through though! on her 5th and 12th days {because I’m that crazy} we had pictures taken and they are ones I will cherish forever!

5 days new

{Kim Harvey Photography}