Bumpdate {36 weeks}

January 21, 2015

how far along: 36 weeks, 4 days

size of baby: a honeydew {17.2-18.7 inches, 4.2-5.8 pounds}

gender: baby girl!

weight gain: up 29 pounds! so much for doing so well the last few weeks…definitely caught up with me!

maternity clothes: all the time! I want to live in leggings or jammies!

stretch marks: keeping them away with my Mustela cream!

rings: off {starting at 32 weeks}

nursery: just missing a baby!

movement: always moving around! I’m definitely feeling more in my hips and lower areas…and smaller parts, like feet and elbows I think!

symptoms: feeling pretty lucky that I still feel good! I get the occasional discomfort in my back and feet if I’m standing for long periods, but just a general fatigue I think! I definitely feel better with a little nap or rest on the couch! I also feel pretty tight in my abdomen area after I’ve been laying down a while.  things are stretching and cramping I think…

labor signs: feeling some irregular little contractions every once in a while, but that’s it!

sleep: sleeping well still! {poor hubby says I must be sleeping really well because I’ve developed a slight snoring habit…hope this goes away when the baby weight does!}

cravings: toppers pizza, doughnuts, & cereal…totally healthy, right?!

aversions: nothing specific.

what I miss: the ability to get up and down easily!

best moment this week: nothing specific this week, but every day is exciting because we are getting that much closer! {I wouldn’t call it the best moment, but we had our labor and delivery class last night at Kaiser! we’re definitely on information overload…I’m not sure if I needed to know all of that stuff!}

looking forward to: decorating onesies and other baby crafts this afternoon with a couple of friends, one with an adorable baby girl and the other with a little boy on the way! also a fun night out with the hubby and my sister and her boyfriend this Friday to go see Eric Church! may be our last hoo rah for a while!

Five on Friday

as our due date gets closer, the weeks are flying by even faster! only four more Fridays {after today} left before her arrival {if she is right on schedule} and I cannot believe it! I feel a bit conflicted – excited yet nervous, prepared but I need to do just a few more things, ready for the hubby and I to become parents yet sad to be closing our “newlyweds” chapter and physically like I’m doing well but I can barely roll out of bed myself, etc. I’m sure these are typical feelings when a couple is less than a month away from adding a little human to their world, but I can still feel a little crazy now and then! in effort to keep my mind at ease and relaxed I figured a five on Friday “brain dump” would be great to feel organized before the weekend!


I know it will be a whole post in itself, but packing a hospital bag has put on so much pressure! its only for a couple of days, but how can I possibly have everything I need for a little person I’ve never met?! I’ve found list after list on Pinterest and used them all to create my own MEGALIST. thank goodness Todd’s frame of mind is a little more logical than mine at the moment to talk me out of packing the kitchen sink!  I mean, all of our family lives within a couple miles of our house if we forgot anything but I am still tempted to pack like I did for our two week honeymoon! {I’m definitely a self-proclaimed over-packer}


miss mini michaels’ closet is already full…yet I found myself on the Gap and Old Navy websites this week! she is going to be adorable next holiday season! can’t. stop. won’t. stop.

the gap silver dressthe gap reindeer sweaterOld Navy Bow DressOld Navy Heart PJs

silver polka dot dress | reindeer sweater dress | bow dress | heart jammies


with just 4 weeks left to prepare, I really want to step up my meal planning game! we’ve been collecting ready to heat meals in the freezer to cook those first few weeks when the babe arrives, but we need more! can’t wait to try these couple of recipes from Pinterest that I hope will freeze well and be easy to heat up in a pinch!

Muffin Tin Meatloaf Stuffed Peppers


meatloaf muffins | stuffed peppers


I saw this headband on Mint and Arrow’s Instagram a couple weeks back and I’m wishing I ordered it sooner for our little valentine! {nothing haunts you like the stuff you didn’t buy, am I right?}

Mint & Arrows Lips

organic headband


I’ve been loving my 2015 Emily Ley Simplified Planner, and even more all of the free printables she has been creating! how’s everyone doing with their 2015 organization goals?!


hope you have a wonderful weekend! join the 5 on Friday link up with AprilDarciChristina, and Natasha, Friday Favorites with Amanda or oh hey Friday with the farm gals!!

five on friday Friday Favorites ohheyfriday2

Maternity Photos {by Alexandra Kayy Photography}

the end of my pregnancy is coming quickly {one month from today!!} and I had to get in one last opportunity to capture the memory of this special time! we’ve hired Alex, of Alexandra Kayy Photography to take pictures of our little girl throughout her whole first year of life, but first mommy and daddy got to be in a session!

I have had visions of these photos for a while now {including the dress and revisiting our wedding venue} and I can honestly say that my vision has come to life and then some! Alex did a beautiful job capturing the magic of Maravilla Gardens that we had fallen in love with on our wedding day, and did a pretty great job making us look good 2.5 years later too 🙂

enjoy our pictures and check out both Alex and Maravilla on their Facebook {photography, venue} and Instagram {photography, venue} pages!

Venue: Maravilla Gardens in Camarillo, CA

Photographer: Alexandra Kayy Photography

Dress: Glitz Gown by Badgley Mischka {from RenttheRunway.com}

Bumpdate {35 weeks}

January 13, 2015

how far along: 35 weeks, 3 days

64maternitybw fb34maternitybw

{photos by Alexandra Kayy Photography}

size of baby: a coconut {17.2-18.7 inches, 4.2-5.8 pounds}

gender: it’s a little miss for us!

weight gain: up 26.5 pounds {did pretty good these last couple weeks!}

maternity clothes: heck yes! I want to live in workout gear, without working out!

stretch marks: keeping them away with my Mustela cream!

rings: off {starting at 32 weeks}

nursery: looking adorable! I think its my favorite room in the house!

movement: cannot stop this little one…she is definitely a mover!

symptoms: feeling pretty good…just general discomfort that comes with gaining 26 pounds of basketball in my midsection! lots and lots of potty breaks too!

labor signs: we are getting close so I figured I’d add this! just some braxton hicks contractions…

sleep: loving sleep! getting up a lot more for the bathroom, but no problems falling asleep for the most part.  every few nights I’ll have a little restlessness, but not bad!

cravings: unfortunately, mostly junk.

aversions: nothing specific.

what I miss: I don’t think I could miss anything more than how excited I am that her arrival is coming closer!

best moment this week: we had a maternity session with Alexandra Kayy Photography {last one, I swear} this week and I was SO excited to see how the pictures turned out! I LOVE them…look out for a full post tomorrow!

we also had an appointment with our doctor and saw the little one! she is head down and face down, getting ready! we also had a labor and delivery tour and I haven’t decided if it’s made me more nervous or prepared. either way…it means we are so close! {gotta finish packing that hospital bag!}

looking forward to: a slow paced week with no plans for the weekend!

Bumpdate {34 weeks}

January 6, 2015 {Happy New Year!}

how far along: 34 weeks, 3 days

{not so good with pictures again, but this video of my dancing belly will have to do this week!}

size of baby: butternut squash {17.2-18.7 inches, 4.2-5.8 pounds}

gender: baby girl!

weight gain: I think my body was recovering from all of the food I ate at Christmas {and relieved that I stopped the binge} and I stayed the same this week! up 26.5 pounds…

maternity clothes: yes! still in LOVE with my maternity leggings from the Gap.

stretch marks: keeping them away with my Mustela cream!

rings: off {starting at 32 weeks}

nursery: looks so adorable! finally feel totally prepared…now if I can just get some good pics for a little reveal!

movement: so much movement! love feeling her tossing and turning in there!

symptoms: still feeling a little lower back pain, but on my left side now. I can also basically take a nap at any or all points in the day and have no problem going to sleep for the entire night as well! guess I’m trying to rack up those hours while I can!

sleep: again…can’t get enough! love me some naps and bedtime!

cravings: salty, sweet, repeat…

aversions: had a weird feeling towards eggs this week…something about the texture threw me off but hoping it was just a fluke.

what I miss: energy! I have a feeling that is going to continue for months to come!

best moment this week: really enjoyed spending so many days at home with the hubby, family & friends {especially with my bestie who was visiting from Boston for the holidays!}

we had a quiet but nice New Year’s Eve and I feel really good after all of the stuff we got done around the house in those 5 days off! even had some girl time spent with my MIL & SIL making a few fun wedding decisions with her! {6 months left until my sister-in-law’s wedding!} I’m thinking all work weeks should be 2 days with a 5 day weekend! anyone else?!

looking forward to: our maternity session {yes, another one…but its the last until she arrives, I promise!} with Alexandra Kayy Photography tomorrow! cannot wait to see how they come out…I’ve planned a couple details that I hope make them perfect!