Bumpdate {20 weeks}

September 29, 2014
how far along: 20 weeks, 2 days! we’re halfway there!!

size of baby: a banana {6.5 inches, 10.2 ounces}

gender: has been confirmed by Kaiser! can’t wait to share on a post later this week!

weight gain: 136 this morning! up 8 pounds…

maternity clothes: finally purchased a couple pairs of maternity jeans from the Gap and a couple shirts at Target. I’ve only worn one pair of the pants, but they are heavenly! like pulling on sweatpants that just happen to look like jeans! I don’t think I’ll ever give them up!
stretch marks: still in the clear
rings: they’re on! even got a polish and steam clean last week!

nursery: no progress…

movement: same little swimming around feelings, especially when I lay still after being up and about all day!

symptoms: dizziness when I get up fast {doctor said this was from having a healthy low blood pressure, so I’ll take it!}, and some lower back, sciatic pain.  I’m trying to get into the habit of doing my prenatal yoga video to help my body as it changes – can’t quite get into the habit though…

sleep: the same…pretty good just potty and adjustment breaks.

cravings: loving sweets! and not so healthy foods {bring on pizza and burritos!}, but my aversions to chicken and fish aren’t so bad, so I’m doing a little better!
aversions: not too much, nothing specific I can think of!

what I miss: being able to do everyday activities without feeling light headed or woozy! 

best moment this week: spending the afternoon with the hubby on Tuesday for our anatomy scan appointment {seeing our little one wiggling all around is still so amazing!} and running fun errands like getting maternity clothes, window shopping in the baby sections and my ring polished!

looking forward to: the wedding festivities this week and weekend for our best friends! lets hope the alterations on my bridesmaid dress help it zip up!!

Bumpdate {19 weeks}

September 22, 2014
Bumpdate {19 weeks}    19 weeks {the Kern}
how far along: 19 weeks, 2 days {as of last week when this should have posted}

size of baby: a mango {6 inches, 8.5 ounces)

gender: will be confirmed at our appointment tomorrow!

weight gain: up 7 pounds, to 135! that came quick!

maternity clothes: planning to invest this week!
stretch marks: just using Mustela…
rings: on 🙂

nursery: still just a big storage room!

movement: same feelings of a little swishing happening or a tiny flick from the inside.

symptoms: feeling pretty good! I’ve got a lot of energy back, just feeling some dizziness when I stand and occasional cramps (round ligament pain).

sleep: sleeping is okay… still getting up a few times to use the restroom and flip flopping between sides.

cravings: lots and lots of sweets!
aversions: nothing specific

what I miss: coffee…not necessarily the taste or the caffeine, but the experience! who doesn’t love a hot cup of coffee in a cute mug when you’re cozy on the couch?!

best moment this week: our weekend away at the Kern River with my sister, her boyfriend and the doggy!

looking forward to: our doctors appointments tomorrow to confirm little mini’s gender!

Bumpdate {18 weeks}

September 15, 2014
how far along: 18 weeks, 2 days
Bumpdate {18 weeks} Bumpdate {18 weeks) beach

size of baby: a sweet potato {5.6 inches, 6.7 ounces}

gender: only 8 days until our confirmation appointment!

weight gain: still holding at the same 4 pounds as last week…

maternity clothes: still loving maxi dresses and skirts! trying to pull off the jeans with a hair tie trick still, but it is about time to invest in a pair of jeans or two! 🙂
stretch marks: still doing good with my Mustela cream, but getting itchy at the end of the day!
rings: on

nursery: got a little more organized last week, but not emptied!

movement: thinking I’m feeling some flutters still! it happens usually when I’m laying down still…probably the only time I could notice.

symptoms: fatigue, dizziness and getting a compilation of both when I’m in hot weather or exerting energy!

sleep: good, minus 2-3 bathroom breaks…

cravings: nothing specific…
aversions: nothing really specific again, but random things will pop up.  {making scrambled egg whites this weekend…not so good, but I still ate them}

what I miss: coffee in a to-go cup, and cooler weather! bring on the fall!

best moment this week: our weekend away camping at the beach…and our second anniversary is today! looking forward to a cozy night in together. I’m making chicken enchiladas, one of the hubby’s favorites.
Bumpdate {18 weeks} sunset

looking forward to: going camping again this weekend to the Kern River with my sister and her boyfriend! the more relaxing the better!

Bumpdate {17 weeks}

September 8, 2014
how far along: 17 weeks, 2 days

size of baby: an onion, 5.1 inches {according to the Bump}

gender: will be confirmed by our doctor in 2 weeks!!

weight gain: hoping an eventful weekend tipped the scale a bit and I’ll go down again by the end of the week…but 4 pounds as of this morning! {up to 132}

maternity clothes: thinking I’ll have to do some shopping over the next couple weeks.  the same maxi skirts/dresses are getting old! also tried to dress up a bit for a bridal shower this weekend and non-maternity dresses just don’t fit quite right!
stretch marks: nope…using my Mustela still!
rings: on 🙂

nursery: a disaster…still

movement: I’m pretty sure I felt a few flutters over the weekend! so excited to feel movement that I definitely know is the baby!

symptoms: still just some dizziness when I get up too quickly…

sleep: still wanting lots of it! I think I was out by 9pm yesterday! getting up for the bathroom and switching sides a lot during the night…sleeping on my side is tough on my shoulders and arms!

cravings: nothing specific, but if I see something and it looks/sounds/or smells good – I want it. like now. still.
aversions: meals at dinner are sounding better and better.  trying not to snack so much in the afternoon so I have a bigger appetite by the evening!

what I miss: coffee…I’ve let myself indulge about once a week the last couple of weeks on a tea or decaf from Starbucks {see Instagram last week}, but just a plain coffee with vanilla creamer sounds delish! especially with the cloudy weather we have this morning!

best moment this week: thinking I felt the flutters of a little baby swimming around! also spending quality time with friends and family celebrating a bridal shower for my bestie and booking a wedding venue with my sister in law!

looking forward to: a little getaway this weekend and our 2nd anniversary!

Five on Friday

in light of last week’s news, we’ll have five on friday {baby edition}!

besides the obvious – {starting a family, caring for another human, teaching them to do fun things and navigate through life, etc.} – finding out we were expecting brought with it so much more to look forward to!

one. the outfits

gold hearts the dude jcrew baseball  gray

just glancing around the J.CREW baby page is enough to make me swoon! so many cute options for little guys and gals for just everyday wear! don’t get me started with holidays and special occasions!

two. actually…let’s do

to me, holidays are the highlight of the year! I’m always counting down to the next one and can’t wait to experience them through the eyes of my mini! I’ve seen Christmas lights and gone trick-or-treating for 26 years –  so a fresh perspective is going to be amazing!

baby kisses     christmas baby     baby ghost    easter bunny


I’ve been excited for holidays with a baby for so long, I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to them! with our mini due in February I can’t wait to cover him/her in lipstick kisses!

three. the nursery decor!

neutral boy nursery    neutral nursery    girl nursery inspiration    rh baby nursery


I have always been drawn to a neutral-ish nursery design with just some accents of color and girl or boy touches! I’m so excited to get the green paint in the new nursery covered with a subtle ‘greige’ and add hints of blue or pink!

four. an excuse to be a kid again {kind of}.

play-dates at the park, rainy days watching Disney classics and reading bedtime stories that I haven’t opened in years are just a few things that I am so excited to do again! obviously I’m the parent now, but who doesn’t love having a picnic under the trees or cuddling on the couch with Belle?

five. watching everyone in their new roles.

witnessing my husband become a father, our parents become grandparents, sisters turn to aunties, cousins become playmates and friends be the fun aunties and uncles will be one of the greatest parts! we have such an amazing support system of family and friends and their joy throughout this pregnancy so far is just a little preview of how amazing they will be when our little one arrives!!


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Bumpdate {14 -16 weeks}

August 18, 2014
     14 front    14 SD
how far along: 14 weeks, 2 days

size of baby: a lemon

gender: we find out at the end of the week!!! {hopefully, if he/she cooperates!}

weight gain: up .6 to 128.6

maternity clothes: sticking to dresses, loose pants and the hair tie trick with my jeans!
stretch marks: nope
rings: on!

nursery: not much progress! I’ll have much more motivation to clear out the closet once I know to buy boy or girl clothes!!

movement: nothing I can feel, but hopefully soon!

symptoms: fatigue, and some mild nausea still. nothing crazy… really feeling like I have a mini bump now! getting excited for baby to be growing!

sleep: sleeping, but getting up to tinkle.

cravings: pineapple. with tajin!
aversions: plain dinners {i.e. chicken and vegetables}

what I miss: not much.

best moment this week:  I got the notification on my phone that I entered the second trimester on saturday! yay!
also, had a good time at a best friend’s bachelorette party over the weekend! mostly proud of myself for keeping up {most of the time – except for the last night I went in early}…

looking forward to: our gender prediction appointment on friday night and our gender reveal fiesta with family and some close friends on Sunday!! lets hope this mini cooperates! we are a little nervous!

August 25, 2014
how far along: 15 weeks, 2 days

size of baby: a navel orange, 4 inches

gender: we found out at My First Peekaboo on friday! I’ll post the gender reveal after our doctor confirmation!

weight gain: up a pound to 129

maternity clothes: none yet, just lots of maxi skirts and dresses!
stretch marks: still using Mustela
rings: on

nursery: still a mess!

movement: we saw the little mini moving all around at the ultrasound friday, but I cant feel it just yet…

symptoms: fatigue, little bit of nausea – but getting better, emotional roller coasters {crying, to laughing, to content}

sleep: sleeping well…can’t get enough!

cravings: salty & sweet, back and forth, all day!
aversions: not too much…

what I miss: the ease of a sandwich!

best moment this week: finding out the gender of our mini!!

looking forward to: our doctor’s appointment this afternoon – hopefully she will for sure confirm the gender {even though we announced it already! – ooops}

September 1, 2014
 16 beach
how far along: 16 weeks, 4 days

size of baby: an avocado, 4.6 inches

gender: we know! but I’m going to wait till the doctor confirms to do a gender reveal post 🙂

weight gain: up 1.5 pounds…

maternity clothes: lots of maxi skirts and the hair tie trick still!
stretch marks: nope!
rings: still on!

nursery: still a disaster! I had big plans to organize the closet while the hubby was gone over the long weekend, but that didn’t happen!

movement: I could have sworn I felt a little swish in there on Saturday when I was laying on the couch, but it hasn’t happened again…maybe I was imagining it!

symptoms: feeling pretty good! just some dizziness when I stand up too quick and still nausea if I don’t eat enough.

sleep: eh, okay.  sleeping on my side is not my favorite! still feeling some neck pain and lots of re-positioning through the night!

cravings: nothing specific, but cravings are typically set off by seeing or smelling something! then, I. want. it. now.
aversions: putting on my makeup or doing anything close up to the mirror has been making me nauseous! something my mom mentioned happened to her when she would put on her mascara and I’ve been noticing it the past week or two.

what I miss: walking up a flight of stairs without losing my breath…I guess this will only get worse! better get to walking more!

best moment this week: we had a little gender reveal fiesta with some close friends and family.

looking forward to: a best friend’s bridal shower and spending some time with the hubby this weekend since he was gone last weekend!